IMG_20150328_105447:nopm:“Throw the ball please”

Oil on canvas   16″ x 20″

Not for sale

Finished on Saturday and now has to dry, which as it is oils, could take a while.

Remember that post a while back?  In which I referred to oils as my nemesis?

Well I am very proud to say that I think I have figured them out and I kinda like them.

Despite the incredibly long time they take to dry.

Still working on the spider and thinking I might even start a landscape over the Easter break.

No set date for my cafe installation yet but it will happen soon hopefully.

Not much else to mention really.

Life is good.  And there is only four days of work this week followed by a four day weekend.

Keep smiling and CW I hope you are starting to feel better.


5 thoughts on “16,492

  1. That painting is great. If you keep working with the oils you’ll get used to them and nothing says “I’d better do something” like a four day weekend. They sound good on paper but having nothing to do gets boring fast.

  2. cwmartin13

    Yeah, I’m better… as I mentioned, moving into the “I don’t have a life season” at work. Right now , it only means an extra hour in the morning, but worse is rumoured. At least I had my health breakdown before things got too hairy. And I always had faith you’d conquer whatever you set your mind and talent to.

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