And they danced


Usually, at least lately, Sunday is my day of art.

The day will start with a few loads of washing, a bit of general household chores and then some time in my studio.

But not today.

Oh the washing got done but then we spent the most of the rest of the day with friends, essentially for the boys to do some archery stuff, but with the benefit of lunch and a bit of shopping for us girls.

The city was our destination, and after hearing me talk for the last couple of months about a local American themed cafe east of the city centre it was declared a “pre-trip training day” and lunch consisted of burgers, fries, sweet potato fries and sweet potato fries drizzled with Nutella – an odd combination but surprisingly tasty.



After our glutenous culinary adventure, we headed into the city centre so the boys could measure and check an area in Victoria Square where they are planning an archery event.



To me, this is a somewhat curious choice of venue, but instead of hanging around in the cold, us women, did what we do best.

We went shopping.

A quick walk to the main mall, then a stroll from west to east, stopping at a few shops before heading back to collect the men.

It was a cool but clear day at least.  The rain held off and we even had some sunshine.

With the archery stuff done, our friends decided that it would be fun to return to the cupcake diner to try the desserts.


My key lime pie, while tasty enough, was a touch dry and perhaps I probably should have left it all at just the burger.

Still, it was a really pleasant outing and made more fun with good friends.

It really was a friend filled weekend.

No art class this week as classes are on a term break, but one of my artist friends visited me yesterday and together we priced and catalogued my current stock of completed paintings, ready should I ever get my shit together enough to mount a proper exhibition.

It will make it easier too, should anybody actually want to buy something, to have a price ready.  And I really need to sell some of these canvas as I am simply running out of room to keep them.

 Still working on the spider.

it is getting closer to finished though.


And more work on the little waterfall.  Well last weekend anyway there was painting.  At least these should be dry enough to add to by the time I get back to my studio.
20150412_143359So that’s been my weekend in a nutshell.  Food, more food and much art talk but little actual art.

Less than 200 days now to my big adventure and I go from quiet excitement to sheer moments of panic.

Winter is settling in, work is kicking my butt and life goes on as normal.

Quick, quick, slow, quick and twirl.

It really is all, just a bit of a dance.


12 thoughts on “And they danced

  1. It has to be a good day when you can start a sentence, “With the archery stuff done…” Despite the actually arting getting put on the back burner it seems like a good day. Less than 200 days!?! Don’t let the panic push away the excitement. I’m excited for you.

    1. I’m excited too and to think it will be here before we know it.
      At least the bonus with archery stuff is there is usually a social element generally with awesome food and sometimes alcohol.

  2. I think I gained a few pounds while reading this post. The fact that I read it during my lunch break may or my not be connected though. The paintings look great. Really loving the spider.

    1. You gained it reading? I am afraid that I will come home from this trip the size of a house if this is the sort of food regularly on US menus.
      I am pretty happy with the spider. I just hope I get it finished sometime

  3. Randomly Mundane

    Am I the only one who thinks that the lady’s dress looks like Belle’s from “Beauty And The Beast”? 😉
    (wipes drool from chin after looking at the cupcakes)
    Your spider is coming along wonderfully! 🙂

    1. Well done, you picked it. There was a local theatre group in the mall promoting Beauty and the Beast and when they started to dance I couldn’t resist taking that pic

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