like sand


Minutes drift into hours, hours into days and then another page on the calendar is revealed.

In front of me, it is a nice set of abs on a silver fox of a firefighter, but that is just one of my simpler pleasures perhaps.

I am sitting in my studio, being serenaded by the sound of the washing machine, sipping my coffee and ignoring the mountain of mess in the back room while I take a moment to breathe and assemble my thoughts.

I could say “life has been busy” but life is always busy and as such I am simply stating the obvious.

The roof has been fixed, finally.  The reason for the mountain of mess.  It did seem such a good idea to use the repair of the walk in robe ceiling as a motivator for a grand scale clean out, little knowing that such a monumental chore would require more motivation than I can summon today.  Happily, I can close the door and work on it slowly.

A baby has been born, I have a new nephew, and my oldest has turned 21.  Simple celebrations for both.  I visited the baby.  Took flowers and gifts.  Made the appropriate admiring noises but avoided a cuddle.  He was fussing.  There had been some anxiety.  A long story, no longer relevent.

A family dinner for MJ.  And our personal tradition of breakfast for mother and son.  He had waffles with chocolate and ice-cream.  I had eggs.   No party.  He didn’t want one.

And yes, I feel old

Hubby has spent most of the weekend, including Friday, assisting with an archery tournament being held in the heart of the city. If they don’t shoot straight, it could be the answer to the pigeon problem, although I am fairly sure the city’s birds and others will be perfectly safe.

I am contemplating a wander in to see the excitement of sticks hitting circles but given my mood, that might simply be too hard..although that sunshine is tempting me.  It may just depend on getting that washing done.

My long awaited exhibition plans are finally coming together.  Art will be hung on the 11th May and there will even be an opening on the 14th.  I am yet to tell work that their plans for me to work extra hours on the Monday will need to be changed but for once, I am putting myself first.

Of course, I need to wrangle the kids to help me actually get the bloody things on the walls.  Hubby has used up all his free days and management good-will recently, and wont be able to come and help me bang in required nails, but it surely can’t be that hard to hang a painting or nine.

This is so far out of my comfort zone.  Putting my art up for public scrutiny in one of the oldest and most iconic cafes in Adelaide is both exciting and terrifying.

Hoping I will sell, even just one, would be nice.

But even if I don’t, I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to even display my art like this.

I was back to class yesterday.  Spider declared finished and signed and then I worked on my little waterfall.

Mostly the leaves of the lilies.  Fixing placement, changing shapes, adding light and shade.20150502_115451
More work still to be done while I start thinking ahead for another project.

Minutes in to hours and weeks fade into months.

Less than 6 months now until my trip…


9 thoughts on “like sand

  1. There is something nostalgic, and at the same time wistful, in your words. I found myself looking back over the past year and wondering where the time has gone. Heck, even this year is almost half over.

    I like that you have a traditional birthday breakfast with your son, those are the real gifts and they stick with us over our lifetime.

    As to your exhibit… I’m so excited for you. I wonder if you’ll do a post showing the nine paintings you’ve selected.. curiosity is killing this cat! LOL

    I’m sending happy thoughts your way, Jenny xxoo

    1. I certainly will be posting pics when the paintings are on the wall. I have about a dozen to choose from so the end selection and number will depend on how it all goes with the hanging and the space I can use.
      I am excited too. 🙂

  2. Antisocial Patty

    Selfishly, I am hoping the next several months pass quickly! I’m so excited for your exhibition. I hope you sell something, but even if you don’t, your art will be appreciated by so many. I love the art for sale in a cafe near our house. I don’t know if anyone buys it, but I love looking at it.

  3. My girls have never been big on birthday parties they prefer just a small family gathering. yes life is usually busy for all of us doing stuff in the family and such. As usually the art is nice

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