It wasn’t that hard..

to bang a nail or 6 into a cafe wall.

Not sure why I was so panicked.

But I was.  Incredibly anxious about it all.

The weekend was spent taping, wiring, labeling, and wrapping 13 of my best paintings ready to be hung in Lucia’s Spaghetti Bar in the Adelaide Central Market.

Not all of them made it onto the walls.  I ended up only hanging 11 but they look amazing.

I was a little worried about the dark wood paneled walls, but my paintings just seem to pop because of them.

Big C was supposed to help, but he had to work.  I had already asked Miss S and in the end, roped MJ in as well.

And yes, they are friends now and there is only occasional awkwardness when they get together.

Being the control freak I am, I ended up wielding the hammer.  The kids kept busy handing me the dropped nails, and the paintings.

There was a short wait for the last customer to vacate his table to allow us to hang the last three paintings but we got it done in the end.




Thursday night we are having the “official opening” with the paintings remaining on display until the end of June.

So there you go.  This would have to be the biggest step out of my comfort zone that I have done recently.

As I drove the kids home after the job was done, my stomach was still churning with anxiety.  We stopped for icecream at Maccas but it wasn’t until later that evening when I finally felt the stress of the previous few days lift from my shoulders.

My first exhibition is in place.

Who would have thought that when Micael (Rabbit) told me to “Shut up and Scribble just a few years ago, that I would have a room full of my art in the cafe where politicians drink coffee and visiting rock stars and celebs get their breakfast.

It really is pretty cool.

16 thoughts on “It wasn’t that hard..

  1. This is so cool – CONGRATS for taking this amazing first step. You’re right, the wood does pop you art beautifully. You definitely have a way with colour. I know you will have success with this show.
    I wish you much happiness and joy during the celebration evening on Thursday, I’ll be thinking about you. Hugs and Smiles, Jenny xxoo

  2. Gee..didn’t someone else tell you your art should be on display and for sale? I seem to recall…..!!

    You’ve come so far and you should be super proud of your art. It’s beautiful.

  3. That is amazing. Congratulations. What a wonderful thing to be able to display your art for the world. The paintings look great on the wall and as a collection. Another step on your road to world dominance! Art dominance, not tyrannical dominance. To your continued success!

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