141 days…

Nearly 3 weeks and 78 spam comments later and ..

Honey I’m home.


Sorry I am a bit late.

You see, life kinda …happened.

Well work did.  And it is kicking my butt at the moment.

People went on recreation leave, then sick leave and other people resigned and somehow, I went from being a 5 hour a day part-time minion to the stand in 2IC working full-time hours and trying very hard not to appear completely panicked.

And looking back at the last post I can tell you that the opening night of my exhibition was brilliant and I arrived to the sight of a lovely red dot on the grapevine painting.  Finally sold.

2013-12-14 07.19.25

Nothing else has sold yet but with the art on the walls for most of June, I guess there is still time for something to still find it’s forever home.

So  what to tell you.

Its fucking cold.

I hate winter.

Its cold, and damp and grey.

I am having a lazy Sunday, the jobs are done and I have been working on some prep drawings of my next project.

I had my hair done last weekend and took an in-car selfie. (as you do)

Photoshopped for a bit of fun.

Now it has been suggested by several people and encouraged by hubby that I paint it.


Should be a challenge.  But then, everything I tackle has an element of challenge or I wouldn’t do it.

This is done now.  Haven’t decided on a name but I like it.


16″ x 20″ oil on canvas.   For sale if anyone would like it.

Mum’s pup “Toffee” has come to stay for a few days.  The passage is currently barricaded to prevent the great Cat/dog battle which is likely to happen should the Toffmonster venture into MJ’s room.

She is here until Tuesday.  Still chasing that darn ball, when not plotting to bark at the cat.

I thought yesterday as I was driving to art class that it has been a very long time since I did a “what makes me happy” post.  Probably a bit far into this now to really make a long list but here goes.

Sunshine makes me happy, breaking through the mist that hangs over the city on cold winter mornings.

The sound of my son laughing at something while he is using his computer.  Probably a Youtube clip but it is a wonderful sound.

When Big C gets a job interview.  Still to find that elusive full-time job but an interview at least shows people are noticing him.

Time with my friends.  That hello from afar when I need a smile.  Or dinner and a glass of bubbles with a long overdue catch up.

Talking with hubby about our adventure.  Making the plans and talking about what we will do.

Spontaneous date night.

Trying something new, like Vegemite chocolate.  Sounds weird but rather nice I have discovered.

Art class.  Still the perfect happy place.  And just what I needed this week.

For some reason my iPod has suddenly started playing Christmas music…I like Christmas music..but not in May.

Sorted.  A little Adam Lambert now fills the air.

You think I would have more to say after nearly three weeks.

I guess  life isn’t that interesting…



5 thoughts on “141 days…

  1. cwmartin13

    I have found that you can have nothing to talk about for months but the time to write it, and beautiful things can come out just because you can make the effort- and have tons to catch up on and have nothing to say because you’re coming out of a “no time to write” period and are out of practice. I wondered if that wasn’t the shot you were going to use when I saw your FB post this morning. We have summer and about 2 1/2 inches of rain overnight. Very much the opposite of last weekends clear blue. All in all, I’m happier being warm, too.

  2. What are you talking about, “life isn’t that interesting”!?! There is so much information in this post I feel lost. Congratulations on selling the painting! It may not seem like it, but you are a professional artist! When people ask what you do, you get to officially say you’re a professional artist who dabbles in other work nonsense. You also finished another canvas and it looks great. The difference between artists and others is that artists just do, they make art. You’re doing it. Creating output is incredibly impressive. I like the hair, don’t sell yourself short, you could have written a whole post about Vegemite Chocolate.

  3. Working a lot of hours can be a shock when one is not use to it, well that is what Kathy tells me but the money is good, like the hair I have seen Vegemite Chocolate in the stores but don’t like the sound of it if they were giving out free samples I might give it a try,

  4. abeerfortheshower

    Painting your own selfie – now THAT’S cool. Love the hair. My wife is currently rocking neon blue/purple hair, so I’m a fan of wild colors.

    And congrats on selling that grapevine painting! It’s wonderful!

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