Life imitating art?


This weekends art class focused on my “selfie”

Not quite finished but very very happy with it.  The eyes need a little more work still but that will happen next class.

Not next week though.  I have a house guest next week and I can’t wait.

My “other hubby” is coming to stay again, which usually means a weekend of food, chocolate, wine and a little shopping.

And plenty of hugs.

Of course, that means clearing space in the studio but I think I can manage that.  Just hope we have some nice weather for our adventures.

Talking adventures, last weekend the real hubby and I went on a walk in the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden.

Gorgeous place not too far from home just in the Adelaide Hills.

What was really fun was that we arrived to be greeted by a thick blanket of fog.

Pea soup thick.

So there are the two of us, wandering around this huge park with a dodgy map trying to find our way in the fog to the “upper car park”

And yes, we did at one point discover we had walked in a complete circle.

Which was hilarious.

Purpose of the outing was to give hubby a chance to play with his fancy camera.  Despite having owned it since before we went to Thailand, he really doesn’t use it a lot and I want him to be able to take fabulous photos on our next trip.

And so we rambled along the foggy mountain path, stopping to take photos of fog, trees, fog, spider webs, fog, koala butt, fog, kookaburra, fog and more trees.

It was fabulous.

Too many photos to show you here but follow this link to get an idea of our morning outing.

Foggy walk album

I think my favourite though is this one of the spider web bejeweled with morning dew.


But Mr Kookaburra is pretty awesome too
Mount Lofty walk 2015-06-08 057

Koalas, however are highly uncooperative and refuse to pose for photos hence more Koala Butt than Koala face.
Mount Lofty walk 2015-06-08 034

No walks today.  There was house work to be done and when the floors had been mopped and the washing finished, I decided that my hair was looking a little too faded.

Only one thing to do.
Add a touch of pink

Hashtag no photoshop.

Until next time.



6 thoughts on “Life imitating art?

  1. Seems as though things are going swimmingly in your corner of the universe. How could things be bad when you have koala butt to stare at? I like the painting and the real thing. Here’s hoping you have fun “other hubby.”

  2. cwmartin13

    The album was very cool. Koalas must be like most of my subjects. About one in ten have any desire to hold still, and then they pose like you have nothing better to do than take 100 pictures. Too bad they couldn’t invent a paint to keep up with your color modifications on your hair- or is that too Dorian Gray?

  3. I have had times when I have thought of going pink just for the fun but never have done so, my favourite soup for most of my life was pea and ham soup now it is cream of chicken soup.

  4. abeerfortheshower

    That spiderweb picture is amazing, but that selfie painting? Just incredible. Love the way your hair really pops.

    I hear koalas are extremely aggressive, so it’s good that you admired that koala butt from afar…

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