questions without answers

There has been a dark cloud looming this weekend, and it has nothing to do with the weather outside.

A heaviness, that has manifested itself in unwarranted anger and unexpected tears and I have no real idea why.

I blame it on the full moon, some hormone surge, a sinus headache or stress from work perhaps…

Of course, no matter the darkness, my day (weekend) has been better than the kangaroo I saw yesterday morning.

Probably the loser of a too close encounter with a motor vehicle, it’s lifeless body a warning to others on the side of the road to art class.

But class went well, despite the mood.  A new project started.

“Are you my mother”

As you can hopefully see, I am once again painting chickens.

I m not even really sure why I am attempting to write today..

The very helpful number cruncher that now appears every time I open this blog chastises me now with a graph informing me of just how few times I have actually posted lately.  Last month it was one time only.

Once I was a daily blogger, excited to come and share and interact and simply immerse my self in this world.

Now I wonder if anybody would even miss me if I stopped…

It’s now less than 4 months until our big trip.  A trip only happening because of the friends and contacts I have made in this world

Everything is booked.  And pretty much paid for.

But there is nothing really to tell you about yet.

Most of you still here would already have seen this weeks art.  On Facebook, or instagram or twitter.

What is left to talk about?

What do you want to know?

Why does it feel like I am trying to resuscitate a blog already too far gone?

My hands are cold, the washing machine has stopped and the words wont flow.

The silence is deafening


12 thoughts on “questions without answers

  1. I would miss you.
    Stop it with that “resuscitation” talk and wringing your hands for not posting often enough. Post whenever the urge hits you. If for no other reason, I urge you to keep sharing your art with the world. I love that chicken painting and you could stop right now and I’d love it. It looks really cool. Please don’t deprive me, at the very least, of your art.

  2. cwmartin13

    I would also miss you. However, sometimes it can feel that we bloggers are going through the motions. It needs to be fed with imagination and creativity and drama to flourish. You have a little less drama as the boys grow up, you have turned your creativity to other pursuits. Nothing wrong with that, blogging was never my first place for creativity, and I’m getting too old for drama. When I first started following you, you had a side blog that you fed imagination into. Maybe you should let a little bit of that in here. That’s up to you; you are a fantastic person without a blog, and if you come to that point that you say, “I’ve outgrown it,” I suspect you’ll know if it’s true or not.

  3. Antisocial Patty

    I’m sorry about the funk. I hope it passes quickly. As for the blog, it’s your space. It’s here when you need it. If you don’t need it as much lately, that’s ok. Hugs to you.

  4. Sounds like there’s something lurking at the back of your mind that you haven’t yet teased out. Hope you fathom it out.

    Meanwhile, don’t let those pesky counters bully you. The blog is there for you, not the other way around, to post what you want, when you want. If nothing inspires you to write, don’t force yourself. I don’t do those other social media and I enjoy seeing your art, so I’d miss you if you stopped posting altogether.

  5. Yes you are missed when you are not around but sometimes it is hard to feel like blogging along with everything else we have to do day in and day out, your art as always is amazing

  6. Ditto to what the others have said. I WOULD MISS YOU TOO! Big time, so… that said you can’t leave. NOPE, you can’t, and that’s that! Hugs and happy thoughts are coming your way. xxoo Jenny

  7. Ohhhhh bless hon, you sound like you are having a gloomy day. I really hope that the weekend improved for you. Just remember, it’s just a bad day not a bad life. Just kick back, have a nice glass of wine, pop on some favourite tunes and give yourself some well earned chill out time.

  8. I would miss you! I’d miss your art, your words…. YOU… I think we all go through it after a while. especially when our postings decline. I, for one, can’t deny having had the same thoughts. But Pickleope’s right. Don’t worry about sticking to a schedule. You post what and when you want. That’s the beauty of having your own blog. You run things up in here.

  9. I would miss you….I don’t follow you on Twitter but I will look you up…I haven’t posted in several months and I decided that I was going to let the counter go and post when I have the urge…but not tie myself to posting all the time…whatever works for you my dear….I love your art and will follow you in other ways if you give this up!! Hugs!

  10. I’m certainly guilty of not visiting your blog much since I got on FB, but I certainly would miss you if I didn’t hear from you somewhere! I haven’t posted on my Hormonally Challenged blog in so long! I keep it there in case I want to some day…

  11. I Read this….

    Hopefully this is Not to Late and I showed up in the nick of time… riding my Favorite Dragon (Heartfelt) —

    Sounds Pretty DAMN Familiar — Go back Love and Visit the Old site….
    Remember my skips and misses over time? and they got LONGER and LONGER between…..?
    Then I struggled to just Get a Few “Music Mondaze” out there and….
    Then they just stopped, eventually I forgot all the pass words and such needed to get in…
    Hell, after so Long what would be the odds that I would Run into two Old Bloggy Friends that Contemplate Stopping…..

    Just as I am getting back in….

    Do you remember Legacy? (he had the “Hal” red eye (from 2001 the movie) the computer) ran into his last post and he responded to my comments there but that was back in May…

    oh, and the rebirth of the new Blog (for me) was 5 years to the day I started the Old Blog…. (forgive my skipping mind – I am getting back to the good Me Bloggy Me)

    Yeah, if you need to take time between post, we all do need that time sometimes….
    It is hard to come up with something Fresh and New EVERY Single Day…
    Recall that is how I started….
    Take the time — do like your doing right now…. looking at the “Recent Posts” on the left it looks like you are going every few days to a week between… keep it there for awhile.
    Get well, Take Care of Family, Paint, or maybe even get back into that “Riskee” blog you used to have…. See – I do remember a few things…

    Back when I was struggling so many of you tried to “Pick me Up”
    Well, I hope this is the beginning of someone from the past reaching out and saying – “Thanks, and Here I am in Return”

    God has given me some Really Weird timing lately
    Hmmmm – Maybe I will have to build a Post up on that —
    it would include Leggy, You, My Wife, My Oldest Daughter, Refinancing a House, Finally getting back to the VA for my Health Care….
    It has been Really Freaky Weird the way it has all happened.

    Here I am, and reaching a friendly Cheeky Texan (Gentleman’s) hand out – saying – “Take my hand and I will help you Up”


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