still here

Thank you

All of you.

Sunday, when I wrote the last post, I was in a dark place.  But you already know that.

Monday, I finally admitted that a huge part of the cloud was the headache I had been ignoring for the best part of three weeks.

Oh it came and went, I would pop a couple of pain pills,  use a nasal spray and just deny that it was there.

It was…inconvenient to admit that my old adversary, the sinus infection, was lurking and so I ignored and carried on.

I am in the process of competing for a new position in the office, permanent full-time work instead of the part-time I currently do.

The Boss had been away on leave, with a wonderful woman filling in, who promptly took to sorting and reorganizing things.

There have also been some administrative changes, minor but still mildly stressful.

Big C is still job hunting, MJ has exams.

We had a house guest,

Late nights, early mornings, little disappointments…the list of stresses goes on.

There have been a pile of good things too.  My exhibition came to an end, one painting sold.  The holiday draws closer and the winter solstice has come and gone and hopefully as the days get longer, they will also get warmer.

So as you can see, there are possibly a few excuses as to why I went a little crazy for a few days as this infection took hold and turned my brain into mush.

And now I am writing this from the warmth of my bed.  My doctor has prescribed some heavy-duty antibiotics, and three days of bed rest.


Day 2 and I am stuck watching “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”.

I am not a good patient.

But stopping and resting makes good thinking time.

And all your lovely words have brightened a miserable few days.

I have no idea in what direction this blog is going.  I am not ready to give it up yet, so if you all don’t mind intermittent posting, I will continue to bring you my art and random musings.

And my holiday adventures.

So thank you all once again.

You are all amazing






14 thoughts on “still here

  1. Sounds like you’ve been going through a lot. Glad that your doctor made you just stop and lay in bed for a spell. Also glad that you’re still going to keep popping up here whether it be regularly or intermittently. I hope your health improves and I wish you all the luck in your pursuit of the the new full time position.

  2. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well. I hope a few days of rest give you a new beginning. I can’t believe your boys are grown now. Time is flying by isn’t it? Fingers crossed for the new position you are hoping for. Hugs xx

  3. Having a house guest alone would be enough to stress me out (I’m not a people person). Add to that a sinus infection & all those other little stresses & I can’t blame you for feeling down. Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy the rest while you can get it, though. Life nowadays doesn’t often give us time to take a breather. Good luck on getting that new position.

    1. My house guest wasn’t too much trouble and I love having him visit. I just wish we lived closer and I could see him more often.
      I was nearly climbing the walls by the end of the three days so it was good to get back to routine.
      Getting better every day

  4. You do know you don’t owe us an explanation, right? We love you just the way you are… drippy nose and all! 🙂 🙂

    I’m glad you’re taking a few down days to recover. I hope 3 is enough – I’d be inclined to take 3 months – hahaha. Seriously though, you’ve had a lot on your plate, and what with the upcoming GREAT ADVENTURE you’re bound to be burning the midnight oil.

    As to posting… seems many of us are posting less. In my case, I’m knee deep in life’s rich pageant, which translates to life’s shit fest, so I get the whole “pulling back” and regrouping bit. Do what you need to do, you know I (and all your wonderful followers) will be here if, and when, you post. That’s what friends do… hang around and chill! (With serious alcohol… or food, or both… or??) 🙂

    Take care… sending love and hugs, Jenny

    1. No alcohol sadly, these darn antibiotics wont allow it.
      I think the explanation was more myself confessing my sins and admitting to myself that I am no superwoman.

  5. Headaches suck, and like many women you just carry on because that is what is expected of us, I have noticed the last few days I have been getting headaches when it is cold, have found turning the heater on and warming the room helps the headache.

  6. I’m just hoping you’re feeling a bit better by now. I had major surgery back in October and was a HORRIBLE patient. I cursed every TV show I was stuck watching.

    Now I kind of miss them.

    1. I do rather enjoy Ellen and am now wondering if Sabrina ever did pass her witch exams lol
      I am a dreadful patient too. I am lucky not to be divorced

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