here chook chook chook

It’s bitterly cold and wintery here in little ol’ Adelaide this weekend as some Antarctic weather pattern hits the southern parts of Australia.

No snow in my yard but there actually has been a few falls in the higher areas although I am guessing my friends from the Northern hemisphere would be scoffing at the excitement it has caused in this part of the country.

Personally, I’m not impressed and can not wait for all this dreadful winter stuff to bugger off and let me have some warmth again.

Only one thing to do when it is horrible outside and you have the house to yourself.

No, not that.


So here is the current progress shots on “Are you my mother?”


Still not finished but I have switched from acrylics to oils and I am really very happy with it.

Had my interview for the job on Friday.  Find out tomorrow if I have got it.

Slowly getting over this sinus infection.  At least feeling more human the last couple of days despite the horrible weather.

Trip update. Rental car booked and paid for when we are in Texas. Going to be very interesting driving on the other side of the road.

Now focussing on how we will use our phones and perhaps getting a New York Pass to do the tourist thing properly.

99 days to go……

4 thoughts on “here chook chook chook

  1. You’ll be fine driving on the right side of the road. Just a tip: if you’re going to go the speed limit (which, changing to miles per hour might take some adjusting) or below, stay in the right lane. I like the painting progress. Good to hear the sinus gunk is fading. And we’re crossing our fingers for you and the job.

  2. cwmartin13

    “Only one thing to do when it is horrible outside and you have the house to yourself.

    No, not that.”

    You’ll realize how much funnier this was to me after reading Mondays Martin World News post tomorrow.

  3. Bloody cold here too. I have had the heater on since I got up as it was so cold, cold enough for Tim to take the car to work instead of the bike, good thing I don’t want to go out today. Although Tim likes to keep telling me that it is going to be colder in New Zealand next month I could hit him at times when he keeps saying it, I know already shut up Tim

  4. OK, my Good Lady — I am playing catch up and reading backwards lastest to oldest…
    WHERE by Golly in TEXAS…..????
    Email me or Twitter me
    DanWins2013 (upgraded my number… lol) put the funky a in front and you gots my twit
    if you twitter look for me
    Your Cheeky Texan

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