mixed emotions

When you are hit with a disappointment, it can be hard to accept that perhaps there are better things ahead.

It can seem a little cliché.  “Everything happens for a reason”  “The universe has another plan for you”.

I didn’t get the job.

And for a few hours, I went through the gamut of emotions.

Until I reached “acceptance”

Beaten by a superwoman apparently.  Who starts with us next week.

And that’s ok.

Just over twelve months ago, I went through the tumultuous experience of the office I was located at, being closed.  It was stressful and awful and at the time, I was hoping to be relocated at an office close to home.

It didn’t happen, and I was disappointed.

But I found myself at the office I am currently working at, and I am so happy.

And the universe this week confirmed that I am where I should be, despite missing out on the full-time job, as the news came through that the other office close to my home would be closing in September.  My heart hurts for the girls who are working there and having to go through what I did last year, while I am quietly thankful that I didn’t get my desire to be placed there after all.

Been a bit of a mixed week in this house.  While Big C is still on the hunt for full-time work, he has moved from “casual” to “part-time” which at least will give him a bit more job security while he continues to apply for a “real” job.

His savings though, took a bit of a hit this week after a slight lapse in concentration resulted in his first minor car bingle.

Bit of a scrape on both cars and while his car will probably bear the scars forever, the car he hit was nicer and newer and Big C coughed up the cash for a bumper respray, taking full responsibility and making his mother proud.

Ok, enough about kids and work.

Here is the art.
Very very close to finished.  Not touching again until class next week.   Have started another but I am not ready to show you that one yet.  (It’s a bit of a mess…)

Each day is another day closer to my grand adventure.  Hubby is finally showing interest, as I google madly and chat online to AT & T.  A customer kindly warned me today that American Airlines are very good at losing luggage (we fly with them twice) and I am now on the hunt for a good pair of walking shoes.

Under 100 days now.  I just wish the Aussie dollar would regain a little bit more value.

Such is life.  It will be amazing, regardless.

Cuppa tea time.  Hubby isn’t home to make it tonight.  He is busy with his bow and arrows.

Until next time.  Keep smiling.


8 thoughts on “mixed emotions

  1. Randomly Mundane

    Sorry you didn’t get the full-time position. 😦
    Your painting is lovely! I like how it’s turning out.

  2. That picture is fantastic. I really missed your art. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get the job but it does sound like you already do get the bigger picture. It’s a shame that the office closer to your house is closing. I’m glad you didn’t have to go through that twice, and I hope the people there can get in a new office like you did. Good luck to Big C with finding a job.

  3. cwmartin13

    The chicks are awesome! I think perhaps having Superwoman ahead of you (taking out the evil villains) might be better than having her beneath you, and the risk of her flying up your butt. Or checking you out with x-ray vision, or what have you.

  4. I could tell you things happen for a reason but you know that , so I won’t, I could tell you I want a cuppa tea but I don’t drink tea so I won’t, I could tell you that your art as always looks bloody good but you know that so I won’t…………….oh hell I have just said all the things I said I wouldn’t say, oh well that is me for ya, see ya next time

  5. My Good Lady, If I have the right Woman?, I cant quite recall exactly what you called me…. Hmmmm Some Form of Texan or Yank that was “Fresh” or…. I just cant remember… If this is the Right Lady I am back
    The Old site is still there but I cant get into it…. BUT I did start Another…
    Anything at Anytime…. Again
    I would LOVE to hear from my Friend from Down Unda
    it has been a long time.
    Have been moving things from old site to new trying to pick out my best works (what I think are my best), eventually putting up new stuff (working on a couple in the Draft dept (background))
    I remember now….
    Your Cheeky Texan

  6. Aww sorry to hear about the job. But, it’s like you said, at least you didn’t lose the job you have. The chicken painting looks great. What size is it? Not that it matters, I’m just curious. Is “busy with his bow and arrows” a euphemism?

  7. I’m proud of you! You took up a challenge, applying for another position, and gave it your best. That’s all anyone can do. The fact “superwoman” got it might actually be a good thing. Maybe playing superwoman isn’t on this year’s “to do” list and that job might have sucked the life out of you. The universe had your back on this one and determined your talents and energy are better spent elsewhere.

    Besides, you are a superwoman of another kind – a “super” woman. I like that kind of woman myself. I can say this much… you’re not yet done with getting another position. When the right one comes along, you’ll know, and the universe will definitely have you covered on all sides – not just your back!

    On to the art – I love the vibrant colours of the hens, and that little chick is so cute. You really do work colour beautifully.

    I’m getting excited for you and your hubby as the days count down to your great American trip. What an adventure you’ll have. I can hardly wait for the blogging that will accompany it all! And the photos!

    I’m sending happy thoughts, and big hugs your way. xxoo

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