Sold …and sold

Both chicken paintings are now “sold”.

Hold on, I didn’t show you #2 now that it is finished.

Here you go

“Funky Chicken”


I’m pretty happy and so is the private collector who has agreed to purchase it.

On to something new on Saturday.

In other news, it’s still fucking Winter.  It’s cold, wet, windy and horrible and I am over it.

Yes, there are hints of spring.  A few brave flowering bulbs making their way through the masses of weeds.  Some trees are optimistically sprouting blossom and new growth.

I’m not convinced though.

And of course, as soon as the weather gets better, I will be trading some long awaited Spring for Fall.

It’s getting closer.  We now have international driving permits.  Simple process.  A photo of each of us, a fee paid.  Although we still have to carry our local driver’s license when we do drive on American roads.

I am making a “must do list”

There does seem to be a lot of food “must dos”

And museums

But I want to see a squirrel as well.

We don’t have those here.

So tell me, what else should I add to the list?

Remember, we have a week in NYC, a road trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas via the Grand Canyon and then a week based in Waco Tx.

I am open to suggestions.

I think I might have settled on my “traveling clothes” (I am a girl, it’s a very long plane trip, such things are important)

I even have an “adult colouring book”  or more simply, a lovely book to colour while I enjoy those many hours on that plane.  Colouring being the newest trend and an awesome way to relax.

I do plan to sleep though.  I am lucky in that I can generally sleep when I fly.  I will have books and my ipad.  There is always the movies and food.  As long as I can get up and stretch I am sure the 20+ hours from Sydney to NYC (via LA) should pass quickly.

One should not add the traveling time up when planning such a journey.  And don’t even mention time zones and jet lag.  At least there are no lengthy waits between flights and only 2 stops from home to hotel.

It’s raining again.

At least I am in for the night.  And I think I can convince the hubby to go collect the youngest.  (who would have normally driven himself to work except he left the car lights on last night and flattened the battery).

Feet are up.  Dinner is done.

Time for The Bachelor.  A girl is allowed a guilty pleasure like that.



13 thoughts on “Sold …and sold

  1. That’s so awesome that you sold both paintings, you professional artist, you. I think it’s funny that you want to see a squirrel when I want nothing more than to never see a squirrel again. Here they are a destructive nuisance. One nibbled through the electrical wires to my house, not to mention digging up and outright eating my flower bed.
    I also had no clue that an international drivers license existed. You’ll probably be more skilled than 90% of driver’s out here.
    If you’re going to be in Waco, you’re only a quick drive to Austin, where I recommend seeing the Congress Ave. Bat Bridge. At dusk, thousands of bats that live under the bridge pour out and it is magical. There’s also barbecue, a late-night slice of pizza at Home Slice Pizza, the Museum of the Weird, Cathedral of Junk, a bunch of shaved ice places, Mi Casa, Mexican food (please avoid Tex-Mex, tacos and fries do NOT belong together), and Uncommon Objects. Austin is a fun place. That’s all for my suggestions, because the only place on your list I’ve only spent significant time in was somewhat near one of your stops.

    1. Thanks for all the suggestions, a day trip to Austin is possibly on the cards, perhaps even stretching it to include San Antonio. Keeping that part of the trip pretty open to impulse t this point.
      I am just a little scared of driving on your roads but I guess it will all be part of the adventure

  2. Congrats on the sales! We have squirrels here but they don’t generally scamper around in the more populated areas like they seem to in the States. Iguanas, on the other hand, you can see scampering all over the place. I’m not going to be good for recommendations since you probably know more about America than I do.

  3. Average Girl

    Congrats on the selling of your paintings darlin, but not surprised… I think if you go to Waco, TX you must stop at the Magnolia store owend by Chip and Joanne Gains. They have a show called Fixer Upper on HGTV and she always has the coolest things for sale there… just a thought!

    1. cwmartin13

      And she’s hot! er, um… but enough about Joanne, good job on chicken selling, and I really wish you could spend a winter with me ‘n’ Scrappy… JK!

  4. Randomly Mundane

    You’re best bet to see a squirrel would probably be in Central Park while in NYC.

    Good thing you will be in the Southwest in the cooler months. I’ve family that live in Arizona, and one cousin posted today that Phoenix hit a record high of 117 degrees (F) [47 degrees Celsius]!

    BTW, I absolutely LOVE the chicken painting! 🙂

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