Less than February

First it was months, then weeks and now it is days.

27 days and if I know you on Facebook then you will have noticed that I am posting a daily countdown with a link to something holiday related after being challenged by a mate.

In fact, at this time in four weeks, I should be in a Qantas A380 somewhere way up high, on my way to New York via LA.

And yes, excitement is building.

Now I continue to watch the exchange rate, hoping for a miracle and keep my fingers crossed that our immigration and border people sort out their industrial stuff quickly.

I’m thinking of traveling clothes and how many pairs of undies I need to pack.

The kids are already making placating noises as I start to repeat myself about the little things like who to call if there is a problem.  Yes, I know it is really too early to be fretting about such stuff but I am a little bit of an over organiser as you all probably know.

It’s the end of another term of art classes and after finishing the kookaburra, I have decided not to start another big project until after the trip.  I have nothing I desperately want to paint so I plan to work on technique by knocking out a few quickies in the handful of classes I have still have before the trip.

Speaking of, I did these two last week

The green one is gone, gifted to a work mate who has been having a bit of a tough week.  Really just simple exercises in values but it made her smile which makes me happy.

Something else fun from art class.  As I might have told you before, classes take place in the back yard studio belonging to my teacher who lives in a picture book country township not far from my home. Her garden is a constant delight, always with something flowering no matter the season and often filled with birds of all types. However we did get rather excited to see this fellow, just beyond her back fence.

Believe or not, for most of us, seeing a koala is not an everyday event.

In all,  it was a pretty good weekend.

Sunday I went to the city with my young friend Miss S.

We had a lovely lunch, a wander through the shops and even ice cream.

There is a square not far from the markets, recently refurbished with plenty of grassed areas and a new water feature.

It was a glorious day.


I took my shoes off

And got my feet wet

See, further evidence that Winter has been banished and better weather is happening.

So, until next time

Keep smiling, and keep dreaming.

heart-trishPs  Apparently this is my 500th post on this blog.  Probably should have had a party.


naked toes

Yep, you read that right. I have naked toes. And uncovered arms.

And today I might even have raised a sweat as hubby and I walked along the cliff tops in glorious sunshine.
So I am  going to ignore the next week’s forecast of a return to miserable cold and rain and declare “Spring has arrived”

I even killed my first blowie today.

It’s  a little amusing to admit that after all this bitching and whinging about our winter, I am excited beyond belief that in only 36 days I will be trading it willingly for three weeks of Fall.

36 days.

Months of planning and saving and it is now just a little over a month.

I am back to full-time work. That is the main reason I have been a little quiet here.
Just for a month while someone is on holidays so the extra money will be nice.
I am just about over this lurgy too. Two weeks so far of coughing, and a voice that comes and goes with a less than delightful squeak and rasp.

Not fun.

What is fun, I think, is this now finished painting.
My kookaburra (who needs a proper name)


Very happy with it too.

18″ x 36″ Oil/acrylic on canvas.

Not sure what I will do with it now. Obviously it is for sale.
I think it might rate as an exhibition piece so perhaps I might do that in the New Year.

Now I just need to pick a new project.

Talking projects, a lot of you know of my friend “Rabbit’ as he was known here in the blogging community.
If not, he is the person I give the most credit to for getting me started in my painting.

When I “met” him, it was his edgy writing, the slight darkness and his big heart that attracted me.
His art has passion, beauty and pain, and encourages you to think.
And as we became close friends, only then did I learn, what a life journey he has traveled and the challenges he has faced.

Although he doesn’t blog so much anymore, he has been busy building a presence on YouTube and has been making videos as his drag identity “Dazey Mayhem”.
Some of these are lipsyncs, some are reviews of last season’s Ru Paul Drag Race.
Recently he has joined a group of other queens as part of a You Tube channel “The Galactic Collective”.

Now you guys might be sitting there thinking “blah blah, there she goes, pimping a mate” and you are kinda right.

In Dazey’s latest video for this channel she covers a serious and very personal topic. The reality that is living with HIV.
Now I am gong to put the clip just here and let you go check it out if you would like to.

It is an important message. I hope you take the time to watch what she has to say. HIV hasn’t gone away, it still doesn’t have a cure and it doesn’t discriminate.

I finish my US adventure with a week with Rabbit.  Finally meeting him  and hopefully creating art together.  Hubby insisted that it be the last part of the trip as he thinks I am going to find it very difficult to tear myself away.  There may very well be tears at Dallas airport.

Time to get off my butt and go hang another load of washing out in this lovely sunshine.  Might even dust off the barbie tonight and do burgers.

Keep smiling





48, 56 & 61 days

September 1st

First day of Spring here in the southern hemisphere.

A typical spring day really.  A little windy, a little sunny, and a few showers of rain.

I’m not at work today.  Laid low by a bit of a virus thingy that has left me with a husky voice and a bit of a sore throat.  Actually hit me Saturday so I am on the tail end of it hopefully and after going to the doctor yesterday, I am feeling a bit brighter but not quite ready to face the real world.

So a pajama day, tucked up warm with a cuppa tea beside me.

Daytime TV is pretty sucky for content but makes bearable company while I have the house to myself.

From today I can now say my USA adventure is “next month”.

It is getting so close now.

We booked another “must do” on the weekend.  A helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon.

The exchange rate is dismal, but at least everything important is sorted.  I have spent some time investigating all the touristy things in NYC that might make the “must do” list.  So many options.  We are never going to see it all but it is going to be awesome.

So apart from obsessing about this trip and allowing a stupid virus get the better of me, what has been happening in my life?

Well my chook painting has moved to it’s new home and looks amazing against the blue wall it was hung on.


And I have been busy working on the kookaburra FB_IMG_1440209138926



Still a way to go.  Those leaves are driving me nuts and the fence will probably undergo a complete colour change.  That said, I am liking it.

Birds seem to be my fascination at the moment and I am thinking my next project might even be lorikeets from a photo I previously tried to paint and discarded as a complete disaster.

Holiday, art, …work is ok but going to be pretty busy with extra hours the next four weeks, life in general is good.

Father’s day and our 23rd Wedding anniversary this coming weekend. Family dinner Sunday for the first and hopefully vaguely romantic dinner for two on the Saturday for the second.

Time for another cuppa I think.  Plenty of rest and fluids was the direction from the doctor.

Bye for now