48, 56 & 61 days

September 1st

First day of Spring here in the southern hemisphere.

A typical spring day really.  A little windy, a little sunny, and a few showers of rain.

I’m not at work today.  Laid low by a bit of a virus thingy that has left me with a husky voice and a bit of a sore throat.  Actually hit me Saturday so I am on the tail end of it hopefully and after going to the doctor yesterday, I am feeling a bit brighter but not quite ready to face the real world.

So a pajama day, tucked up warm with a cuppa tea beside me.

Daytime TV is pretty sucky for content but makes bearable company while I have the house to myself.

From today I can now say my USA adventure is “next month”.

It is getting so close now.

We booked another “must do” on the weekend.  A helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon.

The exchange rate is dismal, but at least everything important is sorted.  I have spent some time investigating all the touristy things in NYC that might make the “must do” list.  So many options.  We are never going to see it all but it is going to be awesome.

So apart from obsessing about this trip and allowing a stupid virus get the better of me, what has been happening in my life?

Well my chook painting has moved to it’s new home and looks amazing against the blue wall it was hung on.


And I have been busy working on the kookaburra FB_IMG_1440209138926



Still a way to go.  Those leaves are driving me nuts and the fence will probably undergo a complete colour change.  That said, I am liking it.

Birds seem to be my fascination at the moment and I am thinking my next project might even be lorikeets from a photo I previously tried to paint and discarded as a complete disaster.

Holiday, art, …work is ok but going to be pretty busy with extra hours the next four weeks, life in general is good.

Father’s day and our 23rd Wedding anniversary this coming weekend. Family dinner Sunday for the first and hopefully vaguely romantic dinner for two on the Saturday for the second.

Time for another cuppa I think.  Plenty of rest and fluids was the direction from the doctor.

Bye for now


8 thoughts on “48, 56 & 61 days

  1. Spring is coming for you, and this weekend we seemed to have flipped straight into Autumn. Sunning on the deck last week, huddling indoors today! The kookaburra looks awesome!

  2. Wow only another month. I can’t believe how quickly that has come round.
    The chicken painting looks amazing. Even hubby liked that one. Well done.
    Sorry to hear you are under the weather. I am craving the warm sunshine……hay fever type symptoms have kicked in, so it is not far away now.
    Rest up, and keep smiling.

  3. If you’re on a bird painting kick, may I suggest a painting of a Kakapo humping a person’s head (Google–if you dare–“Kakapo humps head”).
    Sorry you’re not feeling well. Whenever I’m experiencing husky voice I feel like I should record myself trying to say simple things sexy like try to make mundane stuff sexy by saying it with the husky voice. “Oh baby, you know you love my…casserole,” then sending that recording to my spouse.

  4. Ok I am a week late in getting here been kinda busy since returning home from New Zealand, I would love to go to different parts of the U S at some point in my life just not sure if it will happen buy I live in hope

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