Less than February

First it was months, then weeks and now it is days.

27 days and if I know you on Facebook then you will have noticed that I am posting a daily countdown with a link to something holiday related after being challenged by a mate.

In fact, at this time in four weeks, I should be in a Qantas A380 somewhere way up high, on my way to New York via LA.

And yes, excitement is building.

Now I continue to watch the exchange rate, hoping for a miracle and keep my fingers crossed that our immigration and border people sort out their industrial stuff quickly.

I’m thinking of traveling clothes and how many pairs of undies I need to pack.

The kids are already making placating noises as I start to repeat myself about the little things like who to call if there is a problem.  Yes, I know it is really too early to be fretting about such stuff but I am a little bit of an over organiser as you all probably know.

It’s the end of another term of art classes and after finishing the kookaburra, I have decided not to start another big project until after the trip.  I have nothing I desperately want to paint so I plan to work on technique by knocking out a few quickies in the handful of classes I have still have before the trip.

Speaking of, I did these two last week

The green one is gone, gifted to a work mate who has been having a bit of a tough week.  Really just simple exercises in values but it made her smile which makes me happy.

Something else fun from art class.  As I might have told you before, classes take place in the back yard studio belonging to my teacher who lives in a picture book country township not far from my home. Her garden is a constant delight, always with something flowering no matter the season and often filled with birds of all types. However we did get rather excited to see this fellow, just beyond her back fence.

Believe or not, for most of us, seeing a koala is not an everyday event.

In all,  it was a pretty good weekend.

Sunday I went to the city with my young friend Miss S.

We had a lovely lunch, a wander through the shops and even ice cream.

There is a square not far from the markets, recently refurbished with plenty of grassed areas and a new water feature.

It was a glorious day.


I took my shoes off

And got my feet wet

See, further evidence that Winter has been banished and better weather is happening.

So, until next time

Keep smiling, and keep dreaming.

heart-trishPs  Apparently this is my 500th post on this blog.  Probably should have had a party.


5 thoughts on “Less than February

  1. Less than a month! Exciting. I know your packing dilemma, leading up to any trip, I have crazy anxiety dreams that I’ll run out of clothes…then I run out of clothes on the actual trip anyway. Watch out for those koalas, yes they’re cute, but they have the chlamydia.

  2. I can only imagine how excited you must be. Traveling to another continent!! OMG, I’d be packed already..LOL. (NOT). I loved the koala bear photo. It made me remember my friend who passed away a few years ago and how much she adored koala bears. Made me smile!

  3. Wow, that time really flew didn’t it? Just under a month to go? I can only imagine the anxiety. I wanna take my shoes off & wade through a fountain too! There’s one similar to that in the courtyard of a hotel, close to my office but, odds are, I’d probably get tackled by security for trying.

    Congrats on the milestone!

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