Two weeks tomorrow

and I will be on a plane.

My full time hours have finished and now is the time for the final preparations.

No class this week as we had term break but I never showed off last weeks “quicky”

Yes, a little lizard. Painted in less than half an hour as most of the class was spent on some composition theory.

It needs some adjusting but it is a fun little paint.

Words aren’t happening tonight…

Changes are happening.  I am building a new blog.  (hint lizard happy art)

And although I wont be closing this blog, I am not renewing the domain name this year.

More details when I get my shit together.

I’m not sure how much of my trip I will be blogging as I wont have my laptop with me, but find me on Instagram if you want to follow the adventure.

Hope to be back here again before we leave.

It’s so close now.


8 thoughts on “Two weeks tomorrow

  1. Love the lizard! Have fun on your trip. Lots of hotels have computers available, but it’s a vacation so why spend time blogging? Do that when you get home.

  2. Nice little lizard, I like it, kind cute, do you like to fly, I love to fly and would love to be able to start planning another holiday but Tim said it is too soon we have to wait till after I see the specialist not that I get what difference that is going to make but it is what he wants us to do

  3. This sounds exciting–Not the part where you’re essentially threatening to abandon this blog, the pending holiday part. Will you be updating us on your adventure after you get home? I hope so.

    1. To be honest I have no idea where this blog is going. I love sharing my art, but I just can’t muster the words like I used to.
      I seem to have so many social media options now, Insta, Facebook, Google, Twitter..
      Perhaps this trip will inspire me. I will be journaling and taking piles of photos and with plans of shows, museums and helicopter rides so there will be stories to tell.
      I’m really not planning on going away. Just maybe a change of direction. It won’t be the first time

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