Best & worst

Before I take you to Arizona, I thought I would play a little game I love to play with Hubby whenever we go away.

Usually I hit him with “best….” and he defers with “I don’t know, I liked it all”

and then I hit him with a pillow.

So instead of nagging him, I thought I might wrack my brain and give you my opinion on a few different things.

Feel free to throw in a few questions of your own.

Best breakfast – A fresh wholegrain onion bagel with cream cheese.  Love love love.


Worst breakfast – Eggs Benedict where the hollandaise was the exact colour of a New York Taxi.


Favorite Art Museum – The Metropolitan.  Less busy and more variety than the MoMA.  Both have sensational art, but I think I could have spent all day at the Met.


Best sightseeing experience – The Ride.  A bus fully kitted out with hosts ready to entertain as they drive you around the Time Square area.


Best free experience – toss up between the Staten Island Ferry and the 911 memorial pools.  I would recommend both.


Best indulgence – “Kinky Boots” on Broadway. Seats centre of the 2nd row, close enough to see the sweat on the performers.  While the helicopter over the city was great, it was per minute, crazy expensive and just a little scary for this girl.


Best lunch – Shake Shack burgers and cheese fries.  Yum


Worst lunch – The hot dog.  Over priced and pretty bad. Oh and a chicken gyro.  Nothing like the yiros we have here at home.


Best tourist discovery – The NYFD museum.  Little museum off the tourist trail based in an old fire house filled to the brim with memorabilia with proceeds supporting the fire department.


Best walk – The Highline.  Busy but very cool with lots of art and lovely plants


Least liked place to walk – Times Square.  Noisy, pushy, crowded and confusing.


Best shopping – Macy’s.  It’s where I got my wonderful new bag and coat.


Favorite dinner – Very possibly Thai.  We would wander the local streets and found this little place.  Did an awesome curry.  Although I had some pretty great Italian one night too.


Best cocktail – chocolate raspberry martini.  yum


Worst moment – not knowing if hubby had made it onto the train as we left the station at Time Square.

Best art moment – all of them, seeing the masters, and discovering art by artists I had never heard of.


Best dessert – waffles, with apple and caramel sauce and icecream.


Yes, food is always a big part of the best and worst list.

You want to know more?  Throw your questions in the comments.

Next stop, definitely  Phoenix



10 thoughts on “Best & worst

  1. I don’t think I would enjoy visiting Time Square that much. I’m not good with crowds and that seems like one of the heaviest areas for foot traffic. The bagel looks nice but for me the best breakfast is always going to be a good old fashioned English breakfast. I wonder if I could even get that in America.

    1. I think one of the best things about travelling overseas is trying a whole pile of different food. You can certainly get bacon and eggs for breakfast, and will probably get potatoes on the side and might need to remember to call the eggs “sunny side up”

  2. I thought you couldn’t take pictures in a museum? Guess not. How was Central Park? Did you see many street performers? I’ve never eaten at Shake Shack, I may need to reconsider.

    1. Really depends on the museum I think. No flash, no selfie sticks and some paintings were marked “no photos”
      I think for most of them though, as long as you want them for personal use, its ok.
      Central Park was beautiful, the leaves were changing and it was filled with people. There were live performers all over the place, a lot of dancers particularly. Time Square was filled with people in costumes wanting money for photos and at the terminal at Staten Island, there was a sensational singing group.
      It was a little bit much though when some guy set up an electric guitar at the Time Square subway station at peak hour, the noise level just went through the roof.
      There seemed to be someone doing something everywhere you looked, from street artists to the above mentioned singers and dancers.
      I liked Shake shack. The burgers weren’t huge, the cheese fries yum. People happily queued for the food which seemed to be a great indicator in NYC

      1. Yeah, you chose the perfect time of year for the Autumn color changing. There is a fine line between street performing and unnecessary noise. I look forward to future adventure recaps!

  3. Oh how lucky you were to get to see NYC and its great when away we find a museum that is off the tourist trail as you said, I like museums a lot and Tim is starting to like them too, food, well it’s nice to try local food but sometimes we end up going yuck and what a waste of money but you don’t know till you try

    1. Exactly my feeling and I must say the iconic New York hotdog was a huge disappointment. Perhaps we should have chosen a real shop rather than the hot dog stand outside the MoMA.
      I love little quirky museums, they have the best stuff and aren’t always crowded

    1. It didn’t have much tasted or smell, it was just a violent yellow which was a little offputting.
      But I ate it, and lived to tell the tale.
      My reactions from my Texas friends when they saw that pic were particularly entertaining

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