A new road

20151027_075545 Looking out the window as the plane descended over Phoenix Arizona, I was filled with a mixture of excitement and just a touch of anxiety.

For here was the start of stage 2 of the great adventure and the day I was to meet “Antisocial Patty” for the very first time in person. We connected through our blogs and for the longest time we have chatted on-line.

And with her help, we planned a road trip from her city to Las Vegas.

It started simply enough, perhaps we would meet in Vegas, but then she gave us an offer we could not refuse. That she would drive us to Vegas.

And so the “list” was created.

But there was no need to be anxious, as there she was, waiting for us, with a big smile and a sign welcoming us.

First time I have ever been greeted at the airport with a sign.

Luggage collected, we were soon out of the airport and getting our first glimpses of her lovely city.

We were indulged with a trip to the art shop and the local archery shop.  Enjoyed an awesome lunch which included a fabulous dessert and an introduction to chocolate coated corn nuts before being welcomed into her home and meeting not only her family but also the neighbours.


A great dinner at a local Italian place, followed by some much needed chill time while I took advantage of her washer and dryer and then a great night sleep in preparation for hitting the road first thing the next day.

20151028_090225 First stop was for coffee and a look at the world’s largest Kokopelli.  And while we are well used to “large” things here in Aus, this was something new to us and the first thing crossed off “the list”. 20151028_094929

A lot of our friends, when we mentioned “road trip” asked if it was Route 66.

There is the perception that this road is the ultimate driving trip in the USA and many people I know have expressed the desire to travel it.

But we found a better road.

Spectacular scenery, windy bends and beautiful towns.



That first day on the road, we stopped at Jerome,


wandered the gorgeous little galleries that are filled to the brim with beautiful things and had the potential to seriously dent my spending budget before finding our way to Sedona.

And Sedona is breathtaking.

20151028_122113 It’s hard to find the words to describe the natural beauty of the area that is Sedona. And there were even more gorgeous shops, filled with local artists works that were oh so tempting. 20151028_124944

Lunch was at a music themed restaraunt, an outside balcony table giving us a perfect view of the red rocks and mountains.


And if the view wasn’t enough, the food was fabulous too.

Chilli cheese fries, to share between three, was almost enough on it’s own but we had already ordered a main course – the man had a burger and it was salads for us girls, and so when we finally left the table, we were well and truly stuffed. 20151028_141349

Back on the road, a tour through Flagstaff next, and a chance to see where our awesome tour guide, went to school, a stop at a lovely lookout area and then on to our stop for two nights – Williams.

20151028_151933 Williams is a cool little town.  Obviously a stopping point for many tourists travelling the famous Route 66 and trading heavily on the nostalgia aspect. 20151028_173807_LLS

It was an interesting mix of 50’s Americana, beautiful artisan works, with a touch of old west thrown in.

And what was recommended to us as the best pie in the area.

And of course, we had to test that theory out..


Early to bed that night as apart from a long day on the road, we had to be up at sparrow’s fart the next day as the next thing on the list was “sunrise over the Grand Canyon”.

“Dress warm” was what we should have done, and while one part of our brain told us that it would be cold before dawn at the Canyon, we pretty much underestimated just how cold as we piled into the car excited to finally see the Grand Canyon.

Happily the Elk we passed, stayed on his side of the road unlike the giant rabbit that decided a dash across would be more fun.

All critters survived and we arrived at the chosen lookout and had a virtually empty car park to ourselves.

Yes, we were early.  And it was a good long wait in the cold and dark before we were joined by others as more intrepid tourists chose to greet the dawn.

Happily before we lost all feeling in our digits, the sky started to lighten and the cliffs and rocks appeared before our eyes. 20151029_061823_LLS

It was then we could really appreciate the sheer size and magnificence of this natural wonder.


So beautiful and well worth the early start.

And with the day started, it was time for breakfast at El Tovar.

With more adventures planned for the day, we needed sustenance

and coffee

Hot hot coffee.







14 thoughts on “A new road

  1. Is “up at sparrow’s fart” a common saying? If not, I’m going to try and popularize it. Arizona is beautiful. I’ve only ever driven through it, but the geological wonders are quite amazing. I’ve been down a large stretch of Route 66 and to anyone who is romanticizing it, please, trust me, better roads have been created. Just because there was a terrible song written about it doesn’t mean it’s good, just look at the Will Smith song, “Miami” the city is as terrible as the song, just as Route 66 is as old, outdated and cumbersome as the old Route 66 song.
    On a completely separate note, is that a picture of the cheese fries or your “salad”?

    1. It’s pretty common here and you are very welcome to extend it’s popularity globally. I am guessing you have figured out the meaning.
      Route 66 really is on a lot of people’s bucket list over here. Not sure why but yes, it really is.
      And obviously that it chilli cheese fries. Just a small serve really

  2. Antisocial Patty

    This is an excellent summary of a wonderful trip. And Pickleope should know that I did my best to show you the beauty AND Route 66. 😉

    1. A wonderful trip that wouldn’t have happened without you and your awesome and extremely cheap tourist guide abilities.
      Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. It was truly unforgettable spending that time with you

  3. cwmartin13

    That is seriously beautiful country. I can’t imagine how much different it must be to really see those buttes and the Canyon.

    1. The photos struggle to truly show the beauty and the colour. Every turn in the road showed another beautiful vista. There is nothing like it here in Australia that I have encountered yet.

  4. I don’t know if there is a better route than 66 but it sounds like you did a good job of finding a contender. All of this sounds great. I have a soft spot for 50s Americana. Enjoy the trip and the making of new friends. Patty doesn’t sound all that antisocial to me.

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