Halloween in Vegas


Loud, brash, and busy.  Different to New York in so many ways, and yet there was a vibe so familiar to what we encountered in Times Square.

Although while New York is a fashionable elegant lady, Vegas is the showgirl drag queen.

20151031_095304 After Patty went home, we had the day to explore and filled it with a long walk, a ride on the local bus, plenty of chocolate purchases and a Segway tour. 20151031_161604

Nothing quite like going up to the window of a drive through wedding chapel on a Segway.


It was awesome, and a very memorable way to see the Fremont Street precinct.



No show planned for the evening, instead we dined on Mexican food street side while enjoying live music and watching the crowds wander by in amazing costumes.


People everywhere, it was a blur of humanity, as witches mixed with ghouls and skeletons. The atmosphere was one of a giant citywide party and we chose to finish our evening viewing the lights from the High Roller Wheel.


We are not night owls, nor heavy drinkers or gamblers.  After a full day of adventure, we quite happily headed back to the hotel to crash.

We actually tend to be morning people, and we woke Sunday, clear headed and ready to explore the strip “the morning after the night before”.

Where the previous night had been a sea of bodies, Sunday morning was all about the clean up.  Street decorations were showing signs of having body parts souvenired and workers had the high pressure water sprays working hard, washing down the pavements.

20151101_075849-0 I love morning walks in a city.  The streets are less busy, and you can discover places and things that you miss when you are dodging a giant minion or yet another Elvis. 20151101_090128_LLS

We flew out of Vegas that afternoon.  Two days was enough.  It turned out to be one of Hubby’s favourite places on the trip, but I had a feeling it would be.  He didn’t enjoy the crowds, but loved the quieter moments, the walks and the Segway.

I came away with only one regret, that I didn’t try the cupcake ATM.


I still wonder what that would have been like.

Next stop Dallas Texas…


12 thoughts on “Halloween in Vegas

  1. Fun fact, I got remarried (celebrated our one year anniversary) by re-doing our nuptials in that same chapel you have pictured by an Elvis impersonator. We rented a party bus, had all our friends aboard, wore super gaudy outfits, had people look at us with derision as though this was a drunken decision, then went to karaoke afterward. Thanks for the trip down memory road.

  2. I think my favourite part about Vegas is that people don’t realise the weddings there are entirely legal. It’s just so easy there. I’d really love to see Vegas, just to see it. I doubt I’d do any gambling but there’s still so much to see and do there.

    1. At the very least you need to play the slot machines. That’s what we did. Just the once. And we set a limit and stuck to it, then came out in front but just a little

  3. Rich and I really wanted to visit Las Vegas once in our lifetime. Possibly even get re-married for the 3rd time. Unfortunately, by the time we could afford a trip he was too sick, so we never went. It’s still on my list but not a priority. Looks like you had a good time and I’d love to try one of those segway tours!

    1. The segway was so much fun, hard on the feet and legs at times but we had plenty of opportunity to get off and stretch. Something different and fun to try certainly

  4. I have been to Vegas more times than I care to remember. Not my thing. But there is some cool shit to see there. Look at me! I got smart enough to comment from my phone instead of just reading your posts in my email!

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