Happy Birthday?

As some of you might remember, another justification for this massive adventure was that this year I am celebrating (?) the big five oh.

Yes, this is one of the last posts, most probably the last really, that I can refer to myself as in my “fabulous forties”.

And here is where I can confess, that despite an element of outward bravado, this is one of the first birthdays in my memory, that I haven’t looked forward to.

Anyway, enough about that scary number.

Last time you were here, we had arrived in Texas.

I loved Texas.  What we saw of it anyway.

We didn’t stop in Dallas, or make our way to Austin.

We did however visit the Dr Pepper museum, and wander along the river.



We also marvelled at  massive mammoth bones.


There was a flea-market, where we found old vinyl for Micael and browsed among the assorted bric a brac.


We shopped for boots and ugly Christmas sweaters and a new suitcase to bring home all our wonderful treasures.


There were archery shops and western wear shops and a fabulous jewellery shop with a lovely woman who was determined to sell me diamonds if only so that we could get the free gift with purchase – a rifle.


Tempting, but no.

All this fun without leaving Waco.

But as we all know, I didn’t just come to Texas just to shop.

Not far from Waco is the town that Micael lives in.

It’s not big, but it’s pretty, and friendly and just how I imagined.

And we spent each afternoon together crossing off my “list”

“Paint together” – check.  Two canvas, taped together.  Two friends, one bottle of wine and lots of brushes and colour.


Oh and did I mention the bottle of wine was a “comp” from the hotel?  Awesome gift thank you Hilton Waco.

“Eat snacks together” – Often we had talked about the differences in candy and snacks between our two countries.  So after a trip to the local store, I had the adventure of trying such delights as Milk Duds, Bugles, Hot Tamales, Cheetos and Moon pies.


Confession, not everything was to my tastes but washed down with a Big Red and Dr Pepper, it was a long lasting sugar buzz.

“Sit in the yard and drink beer” – ok, not officially on the list but why not?  Holidays definitely do need a balance of relaxation as well as sightseeing.


“Become a drag queen for a day” – As well as being an artist, poet, and writer, Micael was a professional drag queen for many years and I finally got to meet “Dazey Mayhem” and had myself a makeover.


So much fun.  And in the end, we both looked fabulous.

And all the while, Hubby kept himself busy, often just giving us space so we could talk, and laugh and just savour each long awaited moment before our time together ended.

A week was never going to be long enough.

And the last morning was incredibly hard.

But I had to go home.

Back to reality, family and work.

Starting with a 17 hour plane flight….

So there you go, my grand adventure in a nutshell.

Now feel free to ask me anything you want about the trip.

Or we can just return to our usual erratic posts filled with art and musing.

Hang on, I nearly forgot to tell you about the food.

Texas BBQ – Freaking amazing


And after



Before I go, I would like to wish you all  Happy Holidays (we are an inclusive blog here).

And hoping that 2016 brings each and every one of you, peace, happiness and love.

Thank you all for being part of my world.

See you on the other side (of 50)






6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday?

  1. Trust me Trish…50 isn’t bad. I feel emotionally stronger, smarter, happier and more easy going than I ever did in my 40’s. Wonderful post, wonderful trip, wonderful memories. That’s what it’s all about!! Hugs and love and very Happy Birthday!

  2. That is the cleanest BBQ “after I have ever seen…. I think you may have done it wrong. 🙂

    EVERY birthday is one to look forward to… you never know which one will be your last. Easy for me to say, since I am still in my 40’s, but having spent the big four OH in the hospital, not eating for 6 days…. it helps you enjoy the little things… and cake.

  3. I dreaded turning 40, but I became more patient once I turned that magic number. I have a friend that went skydiving on her 50th birthday and she says the 50s have been the best of her life so far. Glad you had a good trip. You talking about BBQ makes me want to get out the grill. It’s a little cold yet, but in the 40s(Fahrenheit- not good with figuring it in my head) are coming so I might drag it out.

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