Been painting

Ghost tree

“Ghost tree”  Finished now (I think)


“Squirrel!!!”  10″ square Acrylic on canvas sheet


welcoming committee


“Welcoming Committee”  10″ square Oil on canvas sheet


I’ve also been working (fulltime), walking, cleaning, and trying not to let life overwhelm me

Seems that when I am struggling the most with life’s little challenges and disappointments, the art happens.

The last two paintings have happened in the last 4 days.

I’m so damn tired.

Physically & mentally.

Three paintings went on a little holiday to an exhibition.


Three paintings came back home unsold.

Still waiting for their forever home, I guess.

Nothing much else to say really.

Happy Australia Day



15 thoughts on “Been painting

  1. Happy Australia Day! Those top three paintings are stunning. Not that the rest aren’t but I really think you’ve got a style and those three exemplify that style. The tree in particular is absolutely stunning. I know life is offering challenges, but I’m glad you’re still finding time to blog every once in a while and share your work with us.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I think what I have enjoyed most about the top three paintings is that they have been so instinctual rather than planned and thought hard about.
      I guess that energy shows.

  2. Geez! I like them all. Especially the bird…
    I agree with you about how feelings can be tied to creativity.
    The more of a funk I’m in the better I write (especially poetry). I guess I’ve been up for quite a while because I’m not writing worth a crap for quite a while.

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