“F” words


Bet you didn’t think you would see me back here so soon.

I mentioned in my last post that I had been working on a portrait over the weekend but was holding off showing it publicly.  I just needed to show the subject first, and now that I have achieved that, I thought I would pop it here (along with a couple of progress shots).


You can just see my pencil marks in this first shot.  I was blocking in shapes and still doing a lot of measuring and getting placement of the features right.


Working on the contouring of the face and chin.  Eyes are looking good.


Nearly finished.  Letting it sit for a bit while I work out the final tweaks.


Declaring it finished for now.

“Mother Mayhem”  Yes another portrait of my gorgeous friend Dazey Mayhem aka Rabbit aka Micael.

“Fun” was one of the reactions and so I thought it could be “fun” to expand on the whole “F” word thing and ask you my lovely readers to tell me what you think, using words starting with “F”

Bonus points if you make me Google the meaning of the words you use.

Keep smiling




4 thoughts on ““F” words

  1. I had to come back and say… the cover of the New Yorker magazine this month made me so think of you and your art style… not sure if you can google it, I will snap a picture of it if I can find one tomorrow that I have delivered still sitting in a mailbox. 🙂

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