This is my latest painting

“Benny”  61cm x 51cm Acrylic on canvas  Not for sale.

And this is how it came together.

2016-03-19 10.16.06

2016-03-19 10.33.42 2016-03-19 10.43.26 2016-03-19 11.39.02

2016-04-02 11.12.34

It was a quick paint and I am loving the looseness of the technique.  I have really started to enjoy painting animals and am certainly looking forward to doing more in the future.

Please let me know how you feel about the changes I am making, I appreciate all feedback, even if you hate it.

2016 is looking like a year of change for me.  It’s a little scary, but I am putting my trust in the universe.


7 thoughts on “Benny

  1. Hi Trish – looking good. Change is so important, and this is wonderful start in that direction.

    I would not be able to critique because blogs are so personal and should really reflect who we are – which I think this does nicely of you – I can see you’ve changed your focus, and I like it very much.

    I’m sensing a shift… a positive shift toward expressing your inner artist more seriously. You go, girl! I’m rooting for you all the way.

    Sent with hugs and love, Jenny

    1. Change is in the air and hopefully this blog will continue to reflect my growth both artistically and personally. Thank you for your continued support 🙂

  2. cwmartin13

    That doggie is wearing what we call Scrappy’s “shit look” face. Usually reserved for when he doesn’t get treats he thinks he’s entitled to.

  3. I really like the new look. I’ve gotten a similar look from Kawaii. Actually, just this morning when I was leaving for work. She gets a little grumpy when she doesn’t get her usual quota of attention.

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