More comebacks than John Farnham

There was a story on the TV the other day about a Russian zoo that offered a goat to a tiger as dinner but the two of them decided instead to go against the norm and become “friends”.

Against the laws of nature, the tiger chose not to eat the goat and as they co-habited, the internet watched on, no doubt taking bets on when the whole thing would go to hell in a hand basket.

And if you believe the media, all was wonderful until the goat got a little pushy and the tiger decided that it really didn’t enjoy the headstrong companion and promptly mauled the goat.

The goat survived.  Bloody and bruised but thanks to the care of its keepers it is now living happily with other goats and the hungry tiger is left alone, no doubt contemplating it’s next tasty snack..

The moral of the story?  Dunno, maybe that goats and tigers really can’t be friends, at least not forever.

And the reason I have returned with this little bit of random musing?

Well, I guess this little goat has recovered enough from her mauling by the tiger that she considered her friend to get back to doing what she loves.  And that includes writing here.

There has been a lot of pondering and reflection the last few months.  A huge clean out of all things internet as I licked my wounds.

And a realisation that friendship is a two way street, that good friends support each other, check on each other and accept that sometimes, just sometimes, they can have a bad day and be a complete pain in the ass.

It’s all about communication, honesty and respect.

I have no idea if anybody will even read this and it doesn’t matter to be honest.   It just feels right to be writing again.  To put some of these thoughts of mine out into the universe once again.

So as you can see, the blog has a new name. A new red “coat” and a new attitude.

I love my red coat.  It’s Calvin Klein and I bought it at Macy’s NYC.

Like I love my Texan Cowboy boots.  Those boots are made for strutting, not just walking.

And of course my art continues to bring me so much happiness.

Pure joy if I am honest as I painted “These boots” yesterday.

2016-07-10 07.39.46

Colour, paint and happy memories, and plenty of strutting ahead.

This little goat is back, and kicking up her heels.

As for the tiger?  Shit happens eh?


** I am restoring past posts still so things are still”under construction” so please excuse the dust









20 thoughts on “More comebacks than John Farnham

  1. You went away????????????
    Oh yeah you did, and now you are back, that is good news, if I want away would anyone notice, I doubt it except for maybe Tim or the girls when they want a child minder……………..
    Welcome back my friend…………………..

  2. Yeeessssss! Welcome back! A few things have happened in your absence. I mean, not a ton of stuff in the still marginalized world of blogging. Your art is still great and the piece of yours I have is now adding some beauty and culture to my baby room.
    Oh yes, people who felt your absence will definitely be reading.

    1. Congratulations on a new addition to your family and I am honoured that my art is in the baby’s room.
      Thank you for coming back, I have missed everybody

  3. abeerfortheshower

    Hey, welcome back! It’s good to see you again! We’ve kept up with your art whenever you post it on Facebook (love the animal portraits) but it’s good to see your words again, too. Speaking of animal portraits, can we expect to see a goat painting some time soon? I bet square eyes are a lot of fun to paint.

  4. Those are some great boots. I’m surprised the internet isn’t more up in arms that a live goat was fed to a tiger. They seem to not like that stuff much. It’s also surprising that, after initially giving up the goat for food, the keepers saved it from being food. Oh well.

    Nice to see you back Trish. Those boots are indeed pretty awesome. I need a pair of real boots but I think I’d struggle putting them on properly. I can barely navigate wellies.

    1. It is such an odd story but it struck a chord with me. The whole live goat thing surprised me too, but different cultures accept different practices I guess.
      Love my boots, I have a special thing to help me get them off at the end of the day

    1. Love love love my Texan boots. They are such a good memory of our adventure.
      Tigers are fun to play with but dangerous to little goats like me.

  5. I was scratching my head when I saw the new blog title show up in my blog feed, then finally I twigged. So glad to see you back! I’ve missed your slice of life from Down Under, and your striking art.

  6. Good for you…and I am glad you are back!! Lovely painting. Know that I think of you often and have had several ask about the painting of the chair!! Hugs to you!

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