Sticks and stones

I have had a few different words and names thrown at me in the last few months, and not all of them particularly positive or kind.  Some obviously with the clear intent to hurt, said in anger, and others dressed up as “constructive criticism”.

To list what has been said here though, will continue to give the negativity too much power, and too much power has already been given.

On the other side of the coin, I have also been called many nice things, including “a good friend” and “a fucking ANGEL”.

So why bring this up?  Because despite what our mothers might have told us, words will hurt us, and as such we must choose them carefully.

Thoughtless words can destroy a person’s confidence, damage reputations and even impact on future aspirations.  But yet, the right words, can lift a person up, can heal the hurt and bring happiness to someone’s world.
“You catch more flies with honey than vinegar” perhaps has more truth than the old defensive “sticks and stones” saying.

And if there are times when perhaps something negative should be said,  we should try to still be encouraging and focus on the positive.

Our TV screens are filled with images of hate, anger and hurt.  Politicians are feeding on it, spewing forth words of division and fear. People troll the internet, simply looking to tear people down.

We are so used to zooming in on the negative, that all the positive and wonderful is overlooked.

So think before you speak, take a breath before you blurt.  Instead of breaking someone with your “constructive criticism”, say something nice.  Be  respectful, encouraging  and fair.

Take a moment and put yourself in their shoes.


After a week of huge emotional ups and downs, Hubby and I escaped the city and headed to a local wine district to switch off and recharge.  Where once I would feel compelled to Facebook and Instagram every meal, every moment, I no longer desire to take the world along on my “dirty weekend”

Internet was switched off and the phone was used only as my camera.

When I arrived home, after over 24 hours of “offline”, the world was still turning, there was still dishes in the sink and my children were still alive.

And I was revived.

Yes, I did post some photos on Facebook and Insta after we had unpacked.  It was a very wet and cold weekend but it was fun.  We walked along bush tracks and enjoyed delicious red wine in front of a wood fire.

We were serenaded by kookaburras and greeted with a rainbow as we drove back into the city.

And we laughed and talked and just enjoyed being together.

Something we just don’t do often enough perhaps.

We left just after Saturday class.  I wasn’t allowed to ditch it and I have started something new and wonderful.  (stalk my Instagram to see what)

But before you see new, I still want to catch you all up on what I was doing while I was gone from here.

I have been having fun painting my friends’ fur babies.  Usually 12″ square on canvas sheets in acrylic paint.  And so far have been pretty well received.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am thinking that there is a pretty good market for pet portraits and so I plan on being open to commission enquiries.  As with all my art, they would be priced according to size and amount of work involved.

I am discovering that there is equal amounts of fun as well as challenge in portraiture.  Where once it terrified me, and I would paint people without faces, now I am enjoying capturing the similarity between what I see and what I paint.

And looking back on my early efforts, it really does prove that practice makes perfect.

Perhaps i will do a slide show here sometime, just on the people portraits I have done.  I think that might be a cool option.

For now though, I probably need to get off my butt and do something productive.  It’s Monday morning, a new week has begun and the sun is bravely trying to break through the clouds.

Sending out smiles, hugs and kindness.



13 thoughts on “Sticks and stones

  1. There is a HUGE market in animal portraiture. If you’re looking to go commercial, that’s a great way to go.
    If I may offer some words of encouragement to anyone wanting to practice their art, Lizard Happy and I are strangers, but I have a piece of her original art, framed in my baby’s room and it makes me smile whenever I cast my gaze upon it. It’s one of the most beautiful things I have. A person’s original art is worth more than any amount of money because of the heart and soul poured into it, and I appreciate every drop. Thank you, Trish. Thank you for sharing your art with the world and with me. I treasure it more than I can adequately describe. Keep arting, people, art your arts off.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, my lovely friend. For friends we are despite never actually meeting in real life. I would love one day if you would send me a picture of my art in your baby room. It is always wonderful to see my art as part of other people’s lives.
      I’m not sure I will ever be really commercial, but as I am getting more confident in my ability, I am becoming more open to painting commissions.
      Gotta pay for those art supplies somehow 🙂

  2. It is so nice to get away from everything. Me? I don’t have a cellphone and Hubby has one for work and only uses outside of work if needed. Several years ago I spent hours and hours on the internet. Mostly trying to make money but also on my blogs. I just don’t want to be on all the time anymore.
    All the crap! OMG! I am stuck between are you stupid and that is just so rude.
    Pets are good. I don’t do Instagram or I’d look at your portraits.

    1. I certainly dont spend as much time online as I was a few years ago, I am definitely slack when it comes to reading and commenting on blogs, so I am very thankful for you and the others who come here to read my words.
      Dont worry about not having insta, I will continue to post my art here so you will see all the new stuff once I have caught up

  3. That dog looks great. After everything I’ve been through I’ve come to understand that words do have power, but I still believe that people decide how much power they have. Words will hurt you, of course, but individuals have the power to not let words get to them. Still; it would be nice if we were all nice to each other.

    1. Thank you, not sure which dog you mean, but hopefully all of them.
      I agree we all have the power to not let words get to us, but that can require a tremendous amount of personal strength and good self esteem, something not all of us have at all times.
      If you are already struggling, unkind words can wound deeply and continue to affect you, despite how much you attempt to “let it go”
      Yes, much better to practice kindness

  4. Criss

    So true. There is too much negative and hate in this world. Words have great power. They can heal or they can wound. A positive remark, a nice comment can change ones day. Just as a negative one can really hurt lingre. This makes me remember my most favourite saying. “If you can’t say something nice, shhhhh say nothing! ”

    Great pic by the way.

    Glad your time out with hubby was wonderful.

  5. Antisocial Patty

    I’m feeling the same way about disconnecting, and it probably has something to do with words. Not directed at me, necessarily, but still wearing me down. The portraits are wonderful, and I’m glad you cobtinue to embrace new challenges.

    1. There is so much noise at times surrounding us that we really should switch it off or turn it down sometimes and just breathe and listen to the birds
      Take care my friend, you are special to me xx

  6. I often get called different names some good some not so good some make me want to cry some make me want to jump for joy but jumping would result in wet knickers so not something I do, just saying………………

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