This post started as a rant but perhaps some things are better off left unsaid.

I really need to keep this as a positive place as sometimes I seem to fall into a hole and end up almost  drowning  in the darkness of  drama and negativity.

And while this place should be my safe place to say things, I don’t want the spoil the good energy of the day with my bitching and moaning about things I can’t change.

And so now that I have deleted half a post, I need to find other things to fill the page…


It’s been a couple of weeks since I last sat down here.  Life has been busy, and  I have been sick for some of it.

A dose of “Man Flu” caught from a dear friend when I hugged him at a Quiz night a couple of weeks ago.  So typical, I give him baked goods, he gives me a fortnight of snot and coughing.

I even had to miss a class, not that I was terribly ill, but to protect a young woman in class who is undergoing treatment for cancer.

But while I missed class, I kept on working, as we have several people away for various reasons and I am the only bunny silly enough to take on extra hours.

At least the pay packet will be fuller.

There has been some art though, despite crazy long work hours and some awesome socialising.

This was the result of a weekend spent with Miss S.  She has found a job, boyfriend and home out north of the city – almost 2 hours now from where I live.  So when visiting her, it made sense to stay overnight and enjoy her hospitality and the opportunity to explore some more of the beautiful Barossa Valley.

She took me out to dinner on the Saturday night and as is typical of us, we doodled on the paper table cover at a posh restaurant and then later turned out ideas into a big bright piece of art while enjoying home made cocktails.

After a two week break from class, yesterday I got back to working on this and fixed the area around his mouth before adjusting the jacket.

A few extra hairs in that beautiful beard and it is done.


“John” is finished, signed and SOLD.

My first true portrait commission.  And I am so very happy with how it turned out.

Talking portraits,

I have another possible dilemma.  A painting I did for someone who no longer is a friend.

It’s not a big one, a simple sheet of canvas.

At first I thought I would send it, but that was when I thought perhaps the relationship could be salvaged. (Now I wouldn’t waste my money on postage)

So now the options are:

Burn it

Bin it

Paint over it

or as one friend suggested – Use it as a dart board.

And to clarify, it is a portrait and as such would unlikely interest anyone except the subject (or a besotted follower perhaps)

What should I do?  Do you have another idea?

All suggestions considered and the more creative the better.

Writing done, art work shared, probably time to get off my butt and hang the washing.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

With smiles and hugs



PS nearly forgot

This was in the tree outside of class yesterday






Waffles and Whiskers

Life can be full of little disappointments.

Today I learned that a wonderful girl I work with, got a job that I had also applied for.  I knew I had missed out, found out a few days ago, and was OK, as I knew I really didn’t want it.

And I am happy for her, but was still hit with a wave of disappointment that she was chosen over me and once again I was overlooked.

But that is my ego bruised and to be honest I am probably more devastated that I dropped my favourite coffee mug than not  getting the job.



In the end, I have a job.  I have so many blessings that it is selfish to focus on stupid disappointments.  She deserves this opportunity, she is an awesome worker, a generous soul and it will make her life a lot easier to not have the extra distance to travel each day.

So we move on.

Each year in August there is a massive art festival here in South Australia.  We call it SALA (South Australian Living Artists) and so far I haven’t got my shit together in time to put together an exhibition.

It’s on the “list” but requires more organisation than I have so far been motivated to muster.

But it provides me with wonderful opportunities to see what other artists are doing and be both inspired and sometimes intimidated by the incredible talent around.

Last Monday I went to the exhibition opening of a friend, her venue, a beach side ice-cream shop.  Pretty good combination according to MJ who happily came along with me, lured by the promise of waffles and ice-cream.



Wednesday was a solo visit to our city Art Gallery to check out an exhibition by a well known portraiture artist – Robert Hannaford.  A showcase of his art,  spanning 50 years, and it was brilliant.  A truly passionate and talented artist.



Saturday was my time to paint and I have made more progress on my new portrait.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Nearly two hours spent painting that fabulous beard.  The cushion behind his head  was also reshaped and I might have got very excited when I got his nose just as I wanted.

Next week I plan to work on his eyes.

I am very happy with it so far.

And despite not getting a job I didn’t really want anyway, it has been an awesome week filled with art, food, wine and good friends.

I am truly blessed and very grateful.