Never forget

I will confess that it was probably the one place that I was really unsure if I wanted to visit.

Only a few days before we had visited the FDNY museum and it had very nearly brought me to tears as I read the stories and saw the faces of the 343 brave fire fighters who lost their lives trying to save those innocents as the Twin Towers collapsed around them.

But Hubby wanted to go, and my heart told me that I couldn’t leave NYC without visiting the 911 memorial site.

The sun was shining brightly and the park although crowded, was lovely. Green grass and young trees shading paths leading to the stunning memorial pools.

To one side, people queued to enter the museum but I knew that I couldn’t face that.  Instead I stood at the black marble wall, watching the water fall and read the names engraved into the zone as I remembered exactly where I was when it all happened.

Again, tears filled my eyes as I read those names in front of me, people I never knew and would never meet,  and my heart ached for their families who would forever grieve the loss of their loved ones.

It’s so hard to believe that it has now been 15 years.

I’m glad I went and paid my respects, despite my trepidation. Happy that I paused and prayed that one day love will defeat hate and there will be peace.


It has been a couple of weeks or so since I was last here.  Working full time has left me a little weary but I am coping and so far despite some bitch moments, all is good.

Tomorrow I am collecting some art work that has been on display at our Royal Show for the past couple of weeks.  No prizes or sales, but still good to have it out in public.

After finishing my portrait of John, I needed to splash some colour and so I painted butterflies in a completely different style.

Big bold bright and quick.

Three paintings in one art class session.

Two have homes already which brings me great joy.

And just to keep challenging myself, last Saturday I started another new painting.


Yes, another portrait but more than just the face.  In oils too.

Just a little bit terrified of doing those hands, but that is why I keep trying to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I am completely fascinated with the process of creating a recognisable portrait but still keeping my own style and interpretation.

Each one is better than the last as I become more comfortable and instinctive with the tones, colour, light and shade.

And I keep on amazing myself with my results.

Considering that not that long ago, portraiture was something that felt completely beyond my capabilities, I have come a long way.

Of course I couldn’t have got where I am without the amazing teacher I currently have and the support of my family and friends.

Not quite at “Archibald” standard yet (Google Archibald Art prize if you want) but not too bad if I say so myself.

So as you can see, I am still around.  Life is good, if busy and I am looking forward to the end of next month when Hubby and I will get away for a few days at the beach.

Weather has been erratic as Spring often can, and it’s hard to believe that it has almost been a year since my big USA adventure.

Hope you all have a good week

Keep smiling





4 thoughts on “Never forget

  1. That was a bizarre day. My sister was in New York at the time but not near the towers. It was so surreal. I will never understand the mindset of anyone involved and mourn those whose lives and light were so callously extinguished.
    Pushing your comfort zone will surely lead to artistic growth and you are so talented I look forward to where that growth takes you. Thank you for sharing your art with us.

  2. As you know from FB and Instagram, Ray and I drove to the Freedom Tower in August. It was beautiful and showed me just how strong NYC is to rebuilt such a beautiful memorial in the face of terrorists! They can’t keep us down. Someday I would like to explore it more but not ready for that. Good to hear from you. ❤

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