Third time the charm


Once again I have written and re written this post and after deleting hundreds of words I am left with this…

Still working on the portrait of my friend.


Happier with the skin tones and it is really gaining depth now.  I got called a “clever clogs” by my teacher for working in the decking so well and very quickly.

Still need to do the hands, phone and coffee cup but that will be next week.

I think this is going to be a good one.


Life is busy.  Working those extra hours still.  Benefit could be a new car though.

Mine needs updating and the extra money means a newer car than perhaps I thought I would get so that could be rather exciting.

Sometimes I miss the old anonymity of my earlier blogging.  The ability to say without censorship.

To simply write without fear of offending or causing drama.  At least not in my real life.

The blog domain is coming up for renewal and I am faced with the decision of whether to keep or lose the “”

And if I drop it, what happens next?  Do I invest in another or simply continue to blog to my tiny audience under the default WordPress domain?

I am not going away though.  Not yet.  I still have things to say, even if I am talking to myself.

Even if I have to be careful with what I say.

I am babbling.

Time to post.



9 thoughts on “Third time the charm

  1. cwmartin13

    You can always send me your rants! I’ll be glad to publish them! I don’t care overmuch who I make mad, and it can get it off your chest without many people who know you seeing it…

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely offer. The funny thing is the rant was about over sharing and the drama it can bring, and then I realised that I was doing just what I was venting about.
      I solved my problem and put it behind me. All is good 🙂

  2. I am with you on the domain renewal thing. I haven’t written anything new on Ruth’s yummy stuff for a while so I debated on what to do. I ultimately renewed and hope to get back to posting. My husband told me a couple years ago that I should keep the domain because it was mine.
    Extra money is always nice!
    Portrait is looking good.

    1. I am actually considering changing the domain. I do like having something that i can call my own, but what it is now, isn’t feeling right anymore.
      More pondering I think

  3. I’m facing a bit of a decision when it comes to blog domain hosting myself. Nowadays Google want me to have a Google for Business account to manage my domain names. So I’d have to pay a monthly fee just to keep my hold of the name.

    Well anyway the picture is coming along pretty great. Good luck with the hands. I’ve never met anyone who can draw hands well.

  4. It’s your blog and if you can’t rant here, where can you? I understand about the drama that may result, but there was probably already some drama, or impending drama.

    I really don’t like drama in my life, and decided a while back that I’m done interacting with those who like it, and/or cause it. A couple of people weren’t very happy about it, but hey, too bad!

    You are a very talented and intelligent person. Do what feels best for YOU!
    Did I ever tell you that I’m a retired Postal worker?

    1. No,I never knew that. Too cool to have that in common with you.
      I hate drama, always have and yet it seems to find a way of finding me.
      These days though, i am warning people that I will not become embroiled in their drama anymore. Some people don’t like it when you say “enough” though.

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