As part of the reinvention and re-energising of this blog, when I came back from my hiatus, I redecorated and also renamed this journal of mine.

The reasons are varied, but although I find that I am mainly talking simply to a wonderful small group of friends now, I still enjoy writing and sharing parts of my life that may or may not be shared elsewhere.

The domain you all know “” is coming up for renewal and after much pondering,  I have decided not to renew it.  Instead, as I still want a domain of my own, today I claimed “”.

Now if it all works to plan, hopefully fingers crossed, you wont notice a real difference but perhaps to be on the safe side, I would love you to bookmark the new address or even choose to get my posts by email.

Apparently the WordPress machine is telling me that it can take 72 hours to kick in properly so hopefully by the time you read this, you can give the new domain a try, if you want to of course.

I have been pretty busy with work recently, lots of extra hours which resulted in me getting a little run down and ending up with a sinus infection (my dreaded nemesis).

Hence there has been very little art created in the past two weeks since I was last here so nothing new to really show you.

I have a pile of stuff to finish and post off (soon Pickelope, really I promise) and I am excited to have some holidays coming up  where hopefully I will get time to get myself a little organised before the whole Christmas crazy happens.

Talking crazy, I bought another car the other day, a sexy little red Suzuki Swift.  Brand new and I get to bring it home next week.  Very excited and thankful that although I can bitch about doing 6 weeks of full-time work, it at least paid off with a new car for me.


So hard to believe it is already a week into October.

This time last year, I was in serious countdown to the Great USA Dream holiday and now I am only just getting the photo book organised.

So much has happened since.

So many changes and mostly for the good.

I have grown, in my art and self confidence.  Learned some painful lessons about myself and other people and although I have had friends leave my life, I have other new and more wonderful people enter.

Work is work, enough about that, but my art is still my passion and I am so grateful for the continued support of all my friends as I learn, experiment and develop my style.

I am hoping that this weekend, in between a whole lot of family stuff I might get the opportunity to get out the paints and work on the portrait of my friend.  It is sitting on my easel, taunting me with a wonky line that needs fixing and hands that need to be completed.

Sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in the day..

And with that said, it is time I started thinking about work.  Hooray for Friday and no rain at least for today.

Keeping all my friends who might be affected by the Hurricane Matthew in my thoughts.

Be safe and I hope you all come through it OK.

With smiles and love






13 thoughts on “


    We’re hunkered down in safety waiting to see what happens with this hurricane. Will keep everyone posted when I can. Hugs and love Trish!! 💞

  2. Good luck finding the time to paint. It can be a real hassle sometimes to find the time for things but it’ll come. The new car looks wicked. There are definitely some advantages to a six day work week. So far the website is still Lizard Happy to me but it’ll likely change the next time I stop by.

    1. In the end, I never got any painting done but such is life. I still have to make the new domain the primary but I am waiting for a couple more posts to ensure my regulars know what is going on.

  3. Tracy

    Hi friend, just checking in to see what is going on your life… love the new car. We have been test driving ones too this week, although, it’s the jeep brand for us… will send you an email soon. Sending love from the other side xo

  4. I already do get your posts via email that way I never miss one, nice car I wanted a red car but of course ended up with a white one yet again maybe one day I will get the nice small car I want but won’t be anytime soon

    1. I thought I was going to have to go white but I was so happy to score a red one. I don’t have kids to cart around so much these days so the little car will suit me just fine

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