Life is precious- listen to your wife

Phone rings on Thursday morning while I am work.  Thanks to modern technology, my fit bit tells me it is my mum calling and I call her back straight away.  She rarely calls my mobile and I felt a flutter of panic as I waited for her to pick up.

“Your dad is in hospital” she said.  I could hear the fear in her voice, mixed with stress and tiredness and a good dose of annoyance.

Dad had been unwell for probably weeks.  Perhaps longer.  He was tired, irritable, falling asleep constantly and unable to walk even a few metres.  He was looking haggard and every one was noticing.

He had a fall a couple of weeks ago and refused to let my mum call an ambulance.  He refused every attempt she made to get him to go to the doctor or hospital.  “Helpful” people were suggesting that she get him medical help, but when a man like my father refuses, there isn’t a lot you can do short of hog tying him and dragging him to the hospital steps and leaving him roped up with a note attached.

And my mum isn’t that good at knots.

But finally, the most stubborn of 78 year olds, admitting that he might be a bit crook and agreed to go to the hospital.

12 hours later, after being assessed and then transferred by special ambulance to another larger hospital, he was hooked up to an oxygen machine, having antibiotics intravenously and was being re-hydrated by drip.

Severe chest infection, pneumonia, under-breathing causing  an excess of CO2 and a lack of oxygen.  The man was quite possibly drowning in CO2.  And left much longer, who knows.  Maybe one of his “just resting my eyes” would have resulted in a much different post here.

Amazing what a whole lot of oxygen can do for a body.  It’s Monday here now and he is much improved.  Still grumpy but that is his style and it looks like he will be home sometime in the next couple of days.

He might need a machine to use at night to help with sleep apnea but that is something he will have to get used to.

There has been a lot of discussion about what should happen, should either my mum or dad fall or become ill again.

There will be no arguments about seeking medical treatment.  An ambulance will be called in case of a fall.  Doctors will be sought if the spouse feels concerned.

And if they can’t look after each other, well my younger brother has declared he will step in.  He can be a bloody pain, but if anyone can nag, he is the man.

And he is way better at knots than me.

Twelve months ago, I was in New York.  In one week I will be in Port Lincoln.  Worlds apart in holiday options but I can’t wait to get away from work and “stuff” and just chill by the beach for a few days.

It is about a 7 hour drive from home, and is situated on some of the prettiest and most rugged coastline in my state.  I am taking wine, paints, books and chocolate.  Hubby too.

Fingers crossed for decent weather, but if it rains, well, I have all of the above the enjoy.

I will miss a week of art class but that is ok.  I really don’t have much in the way of projects to dabble with at the moment.  No room in my house for unsold large canvas so I am restricting my painting to loose canvas of a smaller size.  They can be stacked, given away or even tossed with little guilt should the art turn out to be crap.  I have had a few people ask me to paint stuff.  Portraits, poodles, but conversations have stalled due to various factors including the canine models requiring clipping first.

Last week at class I took on a class project and played with a different technique.  What resulted was pretty cool I think.  Certainly different, colourful and quite textural.


I think it might be a style I will attempt again another time in the future.

Family, art, that pretty much covers my week.  Despite all the low moments recently, I acknowledge that I am incredibly blessed.

Yes, my boys are struggling to find full time jobs, MJ has come so close a couple of times that it is heart breaking to see his disappointment, but they are healthy, happy, educated and working part time so semi financially independent.

Hubby and I are able to put a roof over our heads and food on the table.

We still have our parents, despite some health concerns and so many wonderful friends.

And today the sun is out.  For now anyway.

So yes, we are blessed.  Life is good.

And with that said, it is time for coffee.

Sending love and smiles to you all

(PS hope you are all using the new url “” – lizard happy is about to disappear)



12 thoughts on “Life is precious- listen to your wife

  1. Liz Powley

    What is it with men? My hubby is the same. It took both me and his mother ganging up on him one time to drag him to emergency with pneumonia (mind you, if he had gone earlier like I told him too (massive fever was kinda giving it away that there was something seriously wrong), he could have gone to his GP rather than sitting four hours in ER). Idiots!

    Good to here your Dad relented and found the help he needed. ::hugs::

    Painting looks groovy 😀 and I am intensely jealous of a Port Lincoln holiday. Sounds wonderful. Hope you have a fabulous time.

    Best wishes,

    1. I had a similar situation with a husband who walked around for a week on a broken foot insisting he didnt need to see a doctor. Men can be idiots when it comes to their health

  2. This made me think of my dad, he is often unwell and generally doesn’t like to see a doctor or go to the hospital but there has been times when he has been so sick that my sister has walked into the house took a look at him and rang the ambos and told dad she didn’t care what he said she would rather him be alive and mad with her then happy and dead…………

  3. “Still grumpy but that’s his style,” there are a lot of people I can describe that way and I love them all. I hope your dad is on the mend. If it’s just a sleep apnea mask, he’s lucky, I know 30 year olds who use those.
    There are always things people can complain about but taking stock of the good is so important and often gets buried under the anxiety. Well done on maintaining perspective.
    Love the horse painting!

    1. Dad is looking brighter than he has in a while, he is a tough old bugger so I am sure if he behaves, he will be with us a long time more.
      It can be hard to keep perspective at times but I always try to look for little happy in each day. My kids will find their way, the summer heat will come, life will continue to provide adventure and smiles

  4. Criss

    So glad to hear that your dad is doing okay. They can be very stubborn, and it’s amazing how much they can deal with before asking for help. It sounds like he was very lucky indeed.

    Enjoy the break away. Sounds lovely. Hopefully we can provide some real spring weather. Winter seems to want to hang about like that person at a party that doesn’t get that it’s over now, go home!

    Your art is becoming more evolved. You’re a very talented lady.


  5. I’m glad that your dad is doing better now. We men can be stubborner than mules about things like that. Enjoy your upcoming holiday. I want to say if I lived in Australia I’d never want to leave, but if I lived in Australia I’d be used to it and the itch to leave would be there.


    Soooo happy your Dad is ok. Very scary that a person can ignore their health to the point of coming close to dying. Glad he finally gave in. I hope the pneumonia clears up quickly.

    Will catch up soon. Hugs and ❤️.

  7. These days I’m constantly reminding myself to keep looking at my blessings & not get too caught up in the other crap. Glad your father’s okay. Mine hid his health issues for years until he couldn’t anymore. Now he’s paying a heavy cost. He was never health conscious so now the list of what he’s NOT suffering with is shorter that the one of of what he has.

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