Road trippin’

Finally, I was able to say goodbye to work for a couple of weeks and now I am half way through “throwing a few things” aka packing way too much for a few days away with my gorgeous man.

I am taking paints, hopefully I will actually use them.  It’s a new thing to take paints, usually it is just pencils or pens so who knows, perhaps I might get out in the fresh air and paint a beach scene or jetty.

Or I might just sit on the couch if the weather gets a bit dodgy and read a book.  Both options are very appealing at this moment.

My Dad is back home, thank you all for your good wishes last post.  He is so much better than he has been in ages and hopefully will continue to improve.

This is probably going to be a quick post as I do have a list of things I need to do still but I wanted to show you my latest art.

It all started when I saw this instagram post by a lovely friend in Canada.

All those lovely trees and light just excited me.  And suddenly the creative light bulb in my head went off.


I wanted to build on last weeks exercise (weird horse/giraffe thing) and thought I could use this image as inspiration.

But what to paint on?

Glancing around my studio, I spotted this old one.  A very old one that I painted as an emotional response when a friend of mine was in hospital.

But that was then, and as that friendship has ended, and the emotional attachment to the painting is no longer, it was time to change it’s negative energy to something fresh and positive.


A good coating of gesso, and then a very thick layer of impasto medium later, we had the start of an autumn/fall themed painting.


24 hours of drying time and it was ready to take to class and bring my concept to realisation.


The background was worked in mostly yellows, greens and blues with a few hints of orange and red to lift it.  Paint was applied with everything from knives, brushes and rags.  Fingers might have also been useful in smearing as I worked to ensure the texture still showed though.


Finally, the trees.  Simply painted in long strokes, with light highlights, keeping everything still a little abstract.  Lots of soft edges created with a rag and soft “mop” brush techniques.

My “Autumn Forest”, misty and colourful.  I think one of my new favorite paintings and definity a new happier energy than what was before.

Also fall of happy energy, new shoes.  Once boring white canvas and now just a little “Jackson Pollock”


And finally, before I go rescue the washing from what looks like impending rain (so bloody sick of rain), not sure if I showed off the completed portrait of “Trixie”


She is finished, framed and in her new home.

Ok, definitely need to move this butt, getting much darker outside now.  Ugh.

Anyway, until next time, keep smiling and keep creating whatever makes  your heart sing.

Smiles and Hugs


10 thoughts on “Road trippin’

  1. Liz Powley

    Hope you have a fantastic time. I wish I could visit that part of the country, absolutely love it.

    Great to see you having fun with your paint. Really like the effect you created. Great work with the texture medium and fabulous result.

    Have fun!

    Best wishes,

  2. A few days away is always good, unless the days away are to go to a funeral then maybe not so much, just saying. I will be going away again in a couple of weeks for a few days just me and Tim and I am looking forward to it. I hope you have a great time and manage to do so painting

  3. I’m glad your dad is doing better. I hope you do get to paint some pictures while away. Some people take photographs but I think a painting would be much more intimate. Speaking of paintings; that dog looks absolutely amazing.

  4. Love how the forest painting turned out! Trixie is is a nice one too. One of my friends at the gym dabbles in art & often paints designs on canvas shoes for people. Me? The extent of my skills involves covering up the faded spots with shoe polish…

    Yes, I am too cheap to buy new ones.

    Have a great trip!

  5. abeerfortheshower

    I love when just seeing a certain kind of picture draws out deep inspiration like that. And when something negative can be turned positive. That forest turned out really well – the colors pop and that texture is really cool. Enjoy your trip!

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