What is important


Everybody has them.  And they are not always the same as yours.

And as hard as that is, you have to accept that.

As the world is melting down over the election result in the USA, I had my own little meltdown.

Over that deadly combination of Christmas planning and family.

Those of you that know me, know that I am not really religious.  While I consider myself spiritual, and am open to the concept of a God, I do not go to church nor do I believe that I need to.

I had a basic Christian upbringing and celebrating Christmas is a firmly entrenched tradition.

But this year, despite bending over backwards to accommodate everyone, to try to get a family christmas meal organised that includes not only my immediate family, but also my parents and brothers (and families) , it seems that my brothers have different priorities.

The end result, after tears and hurt, is the acceptance that our family Christmas (my side) will consist of lunch at a favourite pub up the coast on Boxing Day for just 6.  Myself, Hubby, my boys and my parents.

Because my priorities in the end include my own well being and letting my brothers absence upset me is a waste of emotional energy.

A family christmas or any occasion should be joy filled, and cherished.  I still have both my parents and that is something I continue to be grateful for.

Life is too short to stress over people for whom your company is not a priority and perhaps it is time for new family traditions.

New art on the easel

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

“The Moment”

This is going to be a portrait of my Hubby doing what he loves.

He is holding his new compound bow and the photo I am working from was taken at the split second he released the arrow towards the target.  The string will be slack, and you can just see the arrow on the right of the picture.

It is a very cool moment and something hard to catch with the camera.  The bow for those that care is a Hoyt Defiant.

It’s a biggish canvas, and I am working in oils and that means I will be taking my time over it, although what you see has been done in about six hours over 3 sessions.

It isn’t the easiest to paint so far, simply getting the shape and angles on the bow has been tricky but I do love a good challenge.

Lots of light and contrasts will be needed to really give the painting depth and make it at least recognisable as my man.

I’m back to work today after two weeks of leave.  I confess it’s hard to be motivated and I am a little worried the work pants might be tighter than when I started my break.

It will be good to see my friends and regular customers again and get back to routine.  It is getting close to our busy time of year, people get a little nuts at Christmas time.

Still time for overseas posting so if anybody reading this would like to buy a painting from me, drop me a line.  I still have a number of smaller ones that would possibly make good gifts.

Wishing everybody a good week.  Keep smiling.




18 thoughts on “What is important

  1. That’s a bummer about your family Christmas. But you’re right, to be upset about their absence would be a waste of emotional energy. Have you ever painted a picture of your husband before? How is he liking it? I think it’s pretty cool. I loved watching the slide show and seeing the painting grow and deepen and features get added. Really neat. Here’s hoping that work doesn’t get too crazy.

    1. Not sure if you remember but a few years back, he was one of my very first attempts at portraiture. He was wearing a hat with a snake curled around his shoulders. it wasn’t a good painting.
      He likes this one much better thankfully.

  2. I also think it’s cool how the slideshow shows the progression of the painting. You’re right not to stress about the family get-together coming off. Enjoy the time with the people who are there. Besides, the local pub is probably a lot better than celebrating Christmas at KFC – which is where the Japanese traditionally have their Christmas meal.

    1. Ew to KFC. The pub is an awesome place and if the weather is good it will be a great day.
      Christmas is over rated anyway. Such a lot of fuss and expectations and usually some disappointments all over one day

  3. cwmartin13

    I am very sorry to hear about the ruining of Christmas plans. When I was young, everyone came over- but after mom died, it’s like pulling teeth to get us all to show up for a funeral. It is a damn shame we forget how valuable that time together is until it’s gone.

    1. My brother doesnt realise yet that we wont have our parents forever but nobody knows what tomorrow brings anyway. He has his priorities and I have mine I guess

  4. Holidays are always difficult as we grow older and have children and bring in others to the family tree. What matters is spending time with those you love and not worrying about what the others are doing. It’s just not healthy stress. Focus on enjoying your family gathering no matter who is there.

  5. I am not religious either. With my immediate family it is interesting. I am agnostic, my oldest sister is pagan, and my other sister does the whole Church of God~ which is a cult and Christmas is not celebrated. My oldest sister does do Christmas for her family and my family does the secular thing. My mother is religious and has a dinner. My oldest sister and her family go and that is about it. I really hate how commercial everything has gotten. I am sorry your brothers aren’t on board.

  6. Just one more reason why I’m not really a fan of Christmas. I understand about the family issues. We used to all get together for Christmas, but now some have scattered, or started their own tradition. Me? I’d just as soon go camping…

    The slide show of “The Moment” is awesome. It really shows that painting is a total process.
    It’s looking good!

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