The sloth on my screen makes me smile


As each day passes, I become more aware that lately I don’t  always “people” well.  Maybe I never have. I am kinda socially awkward.

Perhaps that is why I love to use this forum to say all the things that I find so hard to say to people in real life.

Or perhaps it is just that the older I get, the less tolerance I have for bullshit.

Either way, it is what it is, and happily, despite being sorely tempted, a very annoying young classmate was not stabbed with my mixing knife yesterday in art class.

It was a morning of challenge and frustration with my art as I worked solely on skin tones and trying to get hubby to look like hubby, not helped by her incessant yapping and demands on our teacher’s attention. (Butting in is soooo rude)

But progress was made, no blood was shed and I left class mentally tired but happy with what I had managed.

I came home to an empty house.  All males either working or shooting sticks at circles and it was pretty wonderful.

Music was soon cranking and instead of my oils, I laid out a palette of acrylics, grabbed a smaller canvas (10″ x 14″) and painted a little seascape using mostly my palette knives.

After the intense session of painting of face and hands, I needed something that wasn’t people.

It came together quickly and I am pretty happy with it.  Loose, textural and dramatic, I feel I captured the essence of that rocky shoreline and the crashing waves.

Some touching up still to do maybe, but it refreshed my mind and allowed me to simply get messy.


It took me to my happy place.

Hubby took me to another happy place today.

Minds out of the gutter.

We went to the beach.  Summer is finally starting to happen and today was 33 deg C and gorgeous.  Perfect weather for a walk along the sand, and getting the toes wet.


I have often said it is the simple things that make me happy.

Like our movie date last night.  “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” preceded by lovely dessert and Iced chocolates.

Couch time today.  A trashy romance novel which may have included some napping.

Getting out in the garden and planting some new colour – roses and lavender.  A lime tree to go with our lemon tree (margaritas!!)

A hug from my boys.   An icecream.  Music.

My friends, especially the ones who know I am weird and love me anyway.

Happy things.  And the things that keep me sane when “peopling” and life gets hard.

So what makes you happy?  And stops you from stabbing people with blunt art equipment?

Feel free to share the smiles.







4 thoughts on “The sloth on my screen makes me smile

  1. cwmartin13

    I usually don’t have is much trouble “people-ing” as “thing-ing”. Inanimate objects and machines that fail to serve me as they are designed are what get me. When I was four, I came tear-assing through the kitchen and slid and fell on a throw-rug. I got up crying, and picked it up and began to beat it, saying, “Don’t you know I’m a people???!!” Been that way ever since. BTW I personally saw to it years later that throw rug met up with a bonfire.

  2. When I go shopping for something (and I hate shopping) and there is someone yacking away on their cell phone, I want to stab them with a palette knife but fortunately I don’t carry any!! I cannot stand having to hear other peoples conversations when you’re in a store. It’s just rude. And, my love, the artist, is guilty of this! I don’t shop with him!! LOL

  3. Liz Powley

    I’m crap at peopling, half the time I forget to communicate with them, sometimes even forget their names and have entire conversations with people I have no clue who they are.

    Palette knife stabbing is good for the wrist and arm exercise. Lots of repeated twisting and stretching movements. Be careful on the initial stab not to hit something not people because wood and metal are hard and can cause palette knife misfire which leads to self palette knife stabbing – not really the result we were looking for.

    Love your painting this week – the Whalers’ Way painting in particular is excellent work. I love that stretch of coastline and you’ve done a wonderful job with your unbloodied palette knife and painting knives.

    We were in Wallaroo on the weekend and that 33C day was a 36C day and rather hot. Fortunately we got to wade amongst the crabs in the evening which kinda made up for the roasting during the day. The next day was positively evil though as a nasty gale took up. Can I stab the weather with a palette knife? Didn’t take my painting equipment with me and only had a beading needle to parry with.

    Great to hear you had a good weekend.

    Best wishes,

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