All good things..

There has been a lot of words left here in the past 6 or 7 years.

Happy, sad, frustrated, joyful.

A lot of drama and a lot of celebration.

Adventures small and large.

Friends, made, lost..

and Art.

For here is where I found my art.

WordPress has reminded me that my subscription for this blog comes up for renewal in October.

And once again I am unsure what path to take.

I don’t come here very often anymore.

It’s not the first place I think to share my art and my life.

And while sometimes I find myself composing posts in my head as I drive to work.. they never seem to make the page.

Life just keeps moving forward.

Two weeks until our next big adventure to New Zealand

When I started the blog, I was hidden.  It was separate and anonymous.  A place I could write whatever I needed to say.

But I grew, and changed and found my true self and I no longer felt the need to hide behind a pseudonym.

And I no longer felt the need to blurt to strangers, I guess.

At least about personal stuff…

I don’t like leaving doors open as I pass through them.

But even with all this musing, I am not closing this one yet, despite my hand hovering on the door knob.

I have til October.

I still have time to decide.


Still trying to decide if this is finished too..

with hugs, smiles, and love.


10 thoughts on “All good things..

  1. My welcome to me blog over on blogger is like that. I think of something to write and somehow it never gets written. I just renewed my yummy stuff blog here on wordpress. I don’t post as many recipes as I used to. I have had a lot going on lately and I just renewed cause I didn’t have time to think on whether I wanted to continue.

  2. cwmartin13

    As, I saw your airplane post on FB and wondered where you were off to. I think a lot of people are getting out of the blog thing anymore. But it really should fill a need. For me, it still does. Others, not so much.

  3. I know how you feel. When I was told that my renewal was coming up I wasn’t sure what to do at first either. Eventually though, it was the connections I had made that made me want to keep moving forward with the blog. No matter which choice you make, it will be the right one. Do what’s best for you.

    1. That is such an awesome question and to be honest, I’m not sure. Some paintings just feel done, some, I have to ask myself if there is anything left to do. And then there are those when I just have to walk away before I destroy them completely.
      So often, it is too easy to just over paint, to push something past where it should have been stepped away from and it ends up mediocre.
      And then there are those that are never really finished, that I look at and glare at and wish I had the ability to lift and make it really special.

      1. Thanks for the explanation Trish. I so badly wish I was artistic enough to try and learn how to paint. I don’t think I have the patience to spend the time it would take. Maybe that is why I’ve enjoyed watching you get better and better as time has passed.

        1. I am really happy, that no matter what happens with this blog, you and I will remain connected on FB and you will see my art and I will see your adventures

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